Cloudbric Signs Partnership with Insureum Protocol For Cybersecurity Insurance Product Development

Cloudbric is excited to announce our latest partnership with blockchain-based insurance protocol, Insureum Protocol, for the development of cybersecurity insurance products.

Insureum (name derived from Insurance + Ethereum) was founded by the smart wearables company, Zikto, who developed the protocol when they discovered how interested insurers were in the data their wearables collected.

Using blockchain technology, Insureum Protocol aims to create better insurance policies, while rewarding policyholders for sharing their anonymized data and incentivizing app developers to participate.

Their cryptocurrency ISR is exchanged between insurance providers, developers and insurance users; in the Insureum ecosystem, users can sell ISR, and data providers can use it to buy more data. Zikto envisions creating an environment where diverse digital insurance products and new automation systems can be developed through the Insureum Protocol.


Through this partnership, both Cloudbric and Insureum sought real product development. So, on October 17, Cloudbric and Insureum Protocol officially signed an MOU for cybersecurity insurance product development.

Together we aim to collaborate on cybersecurity insurance product research and development. Cloudbric aims to tackle hacking threats, including the protection of cryptocurrency exchanges, in practice uses cases where cybersecurity and insurance will go hand in hand.

We look forward to working with the Insureum Protocol team! Follow us for further developments and announcements.

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