Cloudbric CDN

Cloudbric CDN is a high-performance content delivery network service that uses edge computing-based technology,
to deliver contents quickly and safely from the closest location.

As the number of connected endpoints are increasing, and with the use of high-capacity data becoming more of a norm, the role of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service is becoming more and more important and necessary. Cloudbric CDN utilizes over 73 high-end edge locations deployed all across the world, caching requested data from the PoP (Point of Presence) that is physically closest to the endpoint customers. Cloudbric CDN accelerates page loading speed, providing users with a richer web experience. It can also significantly reduce operating costs by reducing total bandwidth consumption, reducing downtime and improving accessibility.

Deliver contents faster and more securely from the closest location to the end-user

Cloudbric CDN is able to seamlessly support the success of online businesses by fulfilling the expectations for new and diverse contents, and by meeting the ever-growing expectations of users.

High-performance Global Edge Networks

High-Performance Global Edge Networks


Strategically positioned in key global, densely populated markets, Cloudbric’s high-performance edge locations, built with top peering partners for each respective region and a backbone made up of private networks, are able to move data faster and more securely than ever before. Users do not have to worry about adjusting their plan or scaling their infrastructure based on the size of usage. Even in the event of a sudden surge of traffic, reliable and smooth network operation is possible by simply offloading all traffic to the Cloudbric CDN network.

Strong Security by Industry-leading Experts

Strong Security by Industry-leading Experts


With web security technology that kept Cloudbric No 1. for 5 consecutive years in the APAC region, and the core team’s more than 20 years of expertise, it is easy for Cloudbric to converge consulting and security services to enhance your cybersecurity. Cloudbric is able to help improve operational efficiency by minimizing the complex nature of managing cybersecurity. Cloudbric CDN provides various security functions such as content protection, transmission control, DDoS attack mitigation, SSL certificate, and etc. When used together with Cloudbric WAF+, it can be used to further fortify your web services.

Intutive User Dashboard

Intuitive User Dashboard


Cloudbric CDN provides real-time CDN analytics through an easily accessible console, with the addition of user-friendly settings where one can configure more appropriate caching policies. Through the dashboard provided by Cloudbric, users can check the real-time analysis data of CDN contents at a glance, this includes bandwidth usage, number of traffic requests, bandwidth rate (speed), as well as cache hit ratio and delivery amount by data center.

Why CDN is necessary

How traffic works is that, when a user sends a request to receive specific data, the data is sent from the existing web server as a response. Media data such as images and videos are generally large in size, so response time to requests of such data may cause prolonged waiting and may cause a bottleneck in the traffic flow. CDNs distribute data by caching data in temporary servers installed in data centers that are closest to the users. This results in reduced loading time, a better user experience, low hosting costs, improved web stability, and more. If you run your business online or provide content such as graphic images and video files on your website, using a CDN service would be beneficial.


You can get free access to games, websites, and more, anytime and anywhere, as our service doesn’t expose personal information such as search history and physical location to Internet service providers.

Online Gaming

Games officially launching its services online will have large amounts of users wanting to download the game. If the traffic goes beyond what the origin is capable of handling, the download speed will slow down for the users, or worse, it can crash the server. With a CDN, the CDN’s load balancing technology is able to distribute traffic to multiple locations close to the user so that downloads can be performed reliably without latency.

Multilingual Websites

Websites that support multiple languages will naturally attract many users from different parts of the world. To accommodate multiple languages, uploading multilingual contents such as images, may be frequent. By implementing a CDN, you can distribute the loading time of the website’s contents to provide faster access, and quicker distribution of images.

Provided Service

It provides comprehensive services based on a high-performance edge platform to reduce overhead and enhance the end-user experience with the highest performance and strong content security.

CDN caching

CDN caching

Support for accelerating static/dynamic content delivery with advanced cache control features


Send large files

Fast and reliable downloads by splitting large files


Content Delivery Optimization

Supports content delivery optimization environment such as GZIP compression, HTTP/2, and load balancing



Encrypted traffic and DDoS mitigation Security & access control of content through the region, IP address, URL signature, etc


Live monitoring

Provides various analysis items for CDN traffic

*Up to 3 months


Customer Support

24/7 support channel and KO/EN/JP technical inquiry support

Service Features

Extensive cache control features fine-tune CDN behavior and support an optimal content delivery experience to
quickly deliver static and dynamic content, as well as large files.

Cache control

Clear cache

If the original file has changed, purging the cache allows you to quickly purge the pre-change files cached on the CDN.

TTL settings

Through the TTL setting of the CDN and the browser, You can set the retention period for content uploaded to the cache server.

Caching query string

You can improve site performance by increasing cache hit rates through caching settings based on query strings.

Vary header

Support to generate cache key based on Vary header.

(The cache key is a unique ID for each file that is created when stored in the cache.)

Custom caching

You can customize how your content is delivered, including 301 redirects, headers, caches, and URL signatures.

Optimized environment

Load balancing 

For high volume traffic, such as DDoS, or other performance failures, use global Anycast IP to route intelligently to the nearest edge location to minimize downtime and reliably handle it.

HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 is enabled by default, and features such as compression, multiplexing, and server push can be
utilized to accelerate page loads.

Content compression 

Reduce response times and improve site performance by reducing the content size by 60-70% from CDN to GZIP.

(Can support Brotli compression compatibility)

SSL/TLS encryption 

Built-in SSL certificates to CDN enable secure communication as well as stronger web content protection such as HTTPS redirection and TLS version settings.

Cache Server Domain Settings 

Improve site credibility by setting the cache server’s domain to the same URL as the root domain.

Implementation done fast and effortless by a simple change in the DNS

Without any difficult procedures, Cloudbric CDN can be implemented simply by changing the DNS setting of the domain.

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