Cloudbric CDN

High-Performance Content Delivery Network with Rapid Processing at the Nearest Edge

Efficiently deliver high-capacity content exceeding 100 Tbps through rapid and secure transmission via high-performance 73 edge locations distributed worldwide.

Cloudbric CDN

Edge Platform Based High-performance Content Delivery Service

As high-capacity data consumption becomes more common, the role of Content Delivery Network (CDN) is gaining importance. Cloudbric CDN enhances page loading speed and minimizes downtime, providing users with a seamless and enriched web experience.

CDN is ?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a content network service that swiftly and securely delivers a wide range of various content worldwide by caching requested data from the nearest point of presence (PoP) to the end user.

Cloudbric CDN

Strength of Cloudbric CDN

High-performance Global Edge Network

· Deploy high-performance edge locations strategically positioned in densely populated regions worldwide
· Facilitate rapid and secure data transfer to a private network backbone through top peering partners in each region
· Effectively handle unexpected surges in traffic

Robust Security by Experts

· Benefit from comprehensive security consulting cumulated in over 20 years of expertise
· Monitoring through traffic encrypted by IPSec and TLS, along with vulnerability scanning
· Seamlessly integrate with WAAP solutions for enhanced security

User Console

· Intuitive UI and real-time access to various CDN analytics data.
· Traffic transmission speed and volume, traffic request count, cache hit rate, and data center-specific transmission volume available.

Cloudbric CDN

Field of Application


Enhance the user experience by ensuring minimal waiting times, even when overseas consumers access domestic shopping malls.

Online game

Leverage load-balancing technology to prevent slowdowns and failures during sudden spikes in downloads.

International website

Mitigate loading delays through enhanced connectivity across various global locations.

Cloudbric CDN

Key Services

CDN Caching
Enhance the delivery of static and dynamic content through advanced cache control
Mitigate encryption traffic and DDoS attacks
Content security and access control
(region, IP address, URL signature, etc.)
High-volume Content Delivery
High-volume Content Delivery
Real-time Monitoring
Offer a range of analysis elements for CDN traffic
Content Delivery Optimization
Establish optimized environments
GZIP compression, HTTP/2, and load balancing.
Customer Support
24/7 support channels and technical inquiries available in KR, EN, and JP

Cloudbric CDN

Key Offerings

Cache Control

Clear Cache

– Eliminate old file caches upon responding to source file changes

TTL Settings

– Adjust the content duration on the cache server

Caching Query String

– Elevate site performance by boosting cache hit rates

Vary Header

– Vary header-based cache key generation support
*Cache key: A unique file ID generated upon cache storage

Custom Caching

– Customizable content delivery methods
(301 Redirect, Header, Cache, URL Signing, etc.)

Optimized Environment

Load Balancing

– Route to the nearest edge location through global Anycast IP to minimize downtime

HTTP/2 Support

– Enable HTTP/2 by default
– Available to accelerate page load through compression, multiplexing, and server push

Content Compression

– Reduce content size by 60-70% using GZIP, enhancing site performance

SSL/TLS Encryption

– Support robust web content protection through SSL certificate provision

Cache Server Domain Setting

– Configure the cache server domain using the same URL as the root domain

Cloudbric CDN

Fast and Convenient Implementation

Implement Cloudbric CDN by simply changing the DNS information.

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Change DNS Information & Initiate the Service

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