Public Institution

Protect Critical Data From Personal Information to Public IT Infrastructure

Protect the cyber environment of various public services with Cloudbric Security Services. It can be applied immediately from the cloud environment to any environment connected to the Internet.

Public Institution

Public Institution

Why is Security Necessary in Public Institutions?

The range of cyber attacks is gradually expanding from corporations to public services. Protect sensitive data and critical IT infrastructure from sophisticated cyberattacks.
Public Service
Since the services of public institutions are serviced to the public, the scope of damage can extend beyond a specific institution to the entire nation. To protect the personal information of people, It is necessary to make every effort to ensure cyber safety
Expertise and Continuity in Security Operation
Due to the rotational positions required by the nature of public institutions, it is difficult to meet the expertise for security operations against cyber threat
Security for Partner Collaborations
Strict security management, such as the security of documents and information according to access to the central server, is essential for effective public-private collaboration
Security event response
As cyberattacks targeting public institutions continue to rise, there is a limitation on the number of security events that the responsible party can effectively manage after analysis
Administrative Security for Remote Work
Administering security measures is crucial to establish policies and protocols that respond to diverse scenarios like remote work, flexible work hours, smart work, and telecommuting

Public Institution

Benefits of Cloudbric Security Solutions

Build a secure online environment by implementing Cloudbric solutions, offering comprehensive security across all areas where Internet connectivity is needed, from IoT & Endpoint security to web security.
Public DB Protection
Cloud-based services that can be applied anytime, anywhere
Secure Web DB with WAAP services

High detection and low false positive rates with logic-based intelligent detection engines and deep learning AI engine

Remote Work Environment Protection
Enhance the stability of remote work by segmenting access authority for DB
Fortify security through 2FA authentication
Minimize the external exposure by implementing Blackcloud for DB
Management of Security Experts
Strengthening expertise through security expert support
Managing complex security policies and tailored security policy establishment for customers
Status monitoring by the dedicated dashboard
Enhancing Reputation for Public Institution
Foster trust by securing public databases
Improved user web experience with seamless web services
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