Threat Reports

Cloudbric provides various threat reports through an in-house group of security experts. Broaden your web security insight with threat reports based on expert knowledge and rich experience.

WATT Report

The Web Attack Trend Report (WATT Report: Web Application Threat Trend Report) is a web attack trend analysis report based on the detection log statistics of Cloudbric WAF+ and Penta Security’s WAPPLES, which are being serviced worldwide.

This report is written and distributed for the purpose of providing information on web attack trends to Cloudbric WAF+ users, security managers, and institutions through the latest attack trend analysis.

Through this report, you will receive various statistical information on major web attacks, attack types of major attackers, Black IP as well as statistical information on countries where major web attacks originate, and web attacks categorized by industry and time.

    WATT Report in the second half of 2021

    WATT Report in the first half of 2021

    EDB/CVE Report

    The Web Vulnerability Trend Report (CVE/EDB Report) is a report written by Cloudbric in-house security experts by analyzing the web vulnerability-related matters of Exploit-DB which anyone around the world can check.

    This report is written and distributed for the purpose of helping people who are interested in web security to easily grasp the latest web vulnerability trends at a glance.

    In this report, It summarizes not only the analysis results of the risk and impact of each web vulnerability but also information on vulnerability with dependency on a specific web application. Therefore, even ordinary users without extensive technical knowledge can quickly and easily identify the latest web vulnerability trends.

      EDB/CVE Report 2022.1Q

      EDB/CVE Report 2021.4Q

      EDB/CVE Report 2021.3Q

      EDB/CVE Report 2021.2Q

      EDB/CVE Report 2021.1Q

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