Cloudbric PAS

Evolved Authentication Security over VPN! Globally award-winning SaaS-type ZTNA Solution.

Safeguard Corporation’s sensitive data in any remote work environment, such as telecommuting, workation, or office hub.

Cloudbric PAS

Agent-based Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA) Solution

Secure your enterprise’s network with Cloudbric PAS (Private Access Solution), a ZTNA security solution that leverages Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology.
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Software Defined Perimeter?

Software Defined Perimeter(SDP) is a network solution designed around user identity to protect sensitive information by concealing it with a gateway, keeping it hidden from the outside world. Through continuous user identity verification and granular access authority verification, SDP ensures that connections are limited only to specific portions of the network. This stringent approach provides a remarkably high level of network protection and significantly enhances overall security.

Cloudbric PAS

Benefits of Cloudbric PAS

Enhanced Remote Access Beyond VPN

Addressing the vulnerability limitations of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in cloud environments, establish a flexible and highly secure network environment with multiple authentications, stringent network access control, and robust traffic encryption.

Thorough Identification to Mitigate Internal and External Threats

Secure access to applications is granted exclusively to authorized users, achieved through continuous questioning of users and devices using multi-level access controls.

Securing Sensitive Data and Preventing Leakage with Minimal Access Authority

By establishing a segmented security perimeter through precise enforcement of permission policies for users and applications, the system ensures that access to corporate networks— including employees and partners— is granted only the necessary permissions.

Minimizing Damage by Blocking Lateral Movement

By validating data-specific access, prevent associated lateral movements that attempt to compromise other data and restrict access, minimizing potential damage when an attacker gains possession of an approved ID and attempts unauthorized intrusion into the internal network.

Cloudbric PAS

Provided Services

Black Cloud
Utilizing SDP technology, transformed customer networks into black clouds, establishing an externally untraceable, closed network environment
Grant access exclusively only when trusted through Single Packet Authorization (SPA)
Thorough Identity Verification
User identity verification with 2 Factor Authentication
Additional verification with device identity authentication
Individual Authority
Devoted security policy by organization
Customized authority policy by identity(User, Device)
Perform a two-way authentication using mTLS (Mutual TLS) protocol communication, offering an elevated level of security in comparison to the conventional one-way TLS security
Support Various Environments
Support Private/Public environment
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution that ensures a secure work environment, even when using personal devices
Integrated support for application protocols (HTTP/HTTPS, RDP, SSH, VNC, etc.)
Network Visibility
Real-time monitoring for networks, applications, and more
Detecting abnormal behavior

Cloudbric PAS

Cloudbric PAS / Cloudbric RAS Comparison

Cloudbric PAS
Cloudbric RAS
Agent-based(Endpoint initiated) SDP Service
Agentless(Service initiated) ZTNA Service
Service Environment
Agent installation
Change DNS Settings of Domain
ZTNA Security
· Secured remote access environment through 2 Factor-Authentication
· Enhanced access control by user/device
· Prevent customer environment exposure through a dedicated tunneling and virtual IP authentication server
· Enhanced security with continuous identity and access authority verification
· Secured remote access environment through 2 Factor-Authentication
· Managed access control by user/device
· Access through a dedicated authentication server to avoid exposure to the customer’s environment
Admin Console

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