Cloudbric Managed Rules

Cloudbric Managed Rules for AWS WAF, high-performance security rules validated by AWS.

Protect your web application with managed rules selected as part of the AWS WAF Ready Program and validated by AWS through a comprehensive technical evaluation.

Cloudbric Managed Rules

Penta Security is not only one of the seven Independent Software Vendors (ISV) worldwide, offering managed rules for AWS WAF, but also the only ISV to enable the Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) model by integrating managed rules with AWS WAF.

What is AWS Managed Rules for AWS WAF?

Managed Rules for AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) are a set of rules written, curated, and managed by AWS Marketplace Sellers, available for subscription on the AWS Marketplace to provide immediate security for web applications or APIs against web threats.

Cloudbric Managed Rules

Why choose Cloudbric Managed Rules?

Expertise in Security

· Developed based on the core technologies of Penta Security’s Security experts with over 20 years of experience in the field.
· Latest threat intelligence collected and analyzed by Penta Security’s own Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Cloudbric Labs.

Continuous Security Management

· Continuous updates and management provided by the security experts to respond to the latest security threats and maintain a stable security level.
· Minimized burden for the users.

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· Official launch partner for AWS WAF Ready, Provider partner of AWS Activate, and AWS Public Sector Partner.
· All Cloudbric products provided in AWS Marketplace have been validated by AWS through the Foundational Technical Review.
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Cloudbric Managed Rules

Cloudbric Managed Rules Products

OWASP Top 10 Protection

Provides security against threats from OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks, such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) utilizing the logic-based detection engine recognized by world-renowned research organizations such as Gartner and Frost & Sullivan.

Malicious IP Protection

Provides security against malicious IP traffic based on the Malicious IP Reputation list created using ThreatDB, which is collected and analyzed from 700,000 websites in 148 countries worldwide by Cloudbric Labs, Penta Security’s own Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

Bot Protection

Provides security against malicious bots, such as scrapers, scanners, and crawlers, which negatively impact and damage websites and web applications through repetitive behavior, based on the malicious bot patterns collected and analyzed by Penta Security.

Anonymous IP Protection

Provides integrated security against Anonymous IPs originating from various sources including VPNs, Data Centers, DNS Proxies, Tor Networks, Relays, and P2P Networks, responding to threats such as geo-location frauds, DDoS, and license and copyright infringement.

Tor IP Protection

Provides security against Anonymous IP traffic, specifically originating from the Tor network, which can be difficult to detect using an ordinary IP Risk Index, utilizing the Tor IP list managed and updated by Cloudbric Labs.

API Protection


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Cloudbric Managed Rules

Quick and Easy Implementation

Subscribing to Cloudbric Managed Rules from AWS Marketplace enables you to easily and quickly enhance the security of web applications and APIs without the need to define complex AWS WAF security rules yourself.

Go to AWS Marketplace

Search and Subscribe to ‘Cloudbric Managed Rules’

Associate ‘Cloudbric Managed Rules’ with AWS WAF Web ACL

Cloudbric Managed Rules Resources

Learn more about Cloudbric WMS for systematic management for AWS WAF.

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