Cloudbric Rule Set

One of the seven companies worldwide offering Managed Rules for AWS WAF

Cloudbric Rule Set, having successfully cleared AWS’s strict technical evaluation, relieves operational burden even without security experts through ongoing enhancement and updates.

Cloudbric Rule Set

One and only Managed Rules for AWS WAF in Korea

Only seven companies in the world offer Managed Rules for Amazon Web Services(AWS) Web Application Firewall (WAF), and among them, Cloudbric is the only company that provides it in Korea.
Experience world-class, high-performance security policies with Cloudbric Rule Set, the comprehensive managed rules for AWS WAF.

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Managed Rules?

A set of pre-defined WAF security rules established, maintained, and managed by AWS Marketplace sellers, designed for users of AWS WAF.
Subscribe via AWS Marketplace for instant use, offering swift protection for web applications or APIs against web threats.

Cloudbric Rule Set

Why choose Cloudbric Rule Set?

Expertise in Security

· Developed with the technology of Cloudbric Core team of industry-leading security professionals with over 20 years of experience
· Collect and analyze the latest threat intelligence at Cloudbric Labs

AWS Authorized High-Performance Security Policy

· The first and only AWS WAF Ready Launching Partner in Korea that passed the strict evaluation by AWS

Constant Security Maintenance

· Optimizing security rules to minimize operational burden while maintaining the security level

Cloudbric Rule Set

Cloudbric Rule Set type

OWASP Top 10 Rule Set

The OWASP Top 10 Rule set implements Cloudbric WAF+’s logic-based detection engine, known for accurately detects abnormal patterns and behaviors in millions of logs. With its distinctive low false-positive rate (≤ 3%), it offers robust protection against web vulnerabilities like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in the OWASP Top 10.

Malicious IP Reputation Rule Set

The Malicious IP Reputation Rule Set helps to reduce the time in identifying wide range of various threats and minimizes damage by providing Malicious IP Reputation set, based on threat intelligence collected and processed daily from Cloudbric Labs’s 700,000 sites across 114 countries.

Tor IP Detection Rule Set

The Tor IP detection Rule Set mitigates threats to websites and web applications by preventing potential damage when the Tor browser, which anonymizes the source of internet traffic through a distributed relay network, is used for unlawful purposes.

Bot Protection Rule Set

The Bot Protection Rule Set detects and blocks malicious bots executing harmful repetitive operations, providing robust defense against various attacks, including Account Takeovers(ATOs), data scraping, and application-level DDoS attacks to ensure the prevention of potential damages.

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Cloudbric Rule Set

Fast and Convenient Implementation

Subscribing to the Cloudbric Rule Set on AWS Marketplace allows you to enhance the security of your web applications or APIs seamlessly and quickly without the need to create intricate and challenging AWS WAF security rules on your own.

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