Cloudbric RAS

Agentless Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA) solution

Cloudbric’s RAS: Remote Access Solution lets users easily connect to their workplace in a safe remote environment. The service lets only authenticated users access the corporate private network and data, regardless of device or access location.

Compare Cloudbric RAS with Traditional VPN

Easy remote access anytime, anywhere

Cloudbric RAS is a cloud-type remote access service that lets you safely access corporate systems without establishing a dedicated line or VPN. Users must register or be approved by the organization to pass the authentication page.

– After passing the authentication page, users enter the private network protected by our three-layer security.
– We provide information on user logs, dashboards, and RAS Reports.

Benefits of Cloudbric RAS

Quick and Easy Set-up

Quick and Easy Set-up

Without the need to install any hardware or software, Cloudbric Remote Access Solution is implemented by changing the DNS (Domain Name System).

Authorized users within the organization can access their private network at anytime, anywhere through a web browser.

Benefits of Cloudbric RAS-Strong Security

Strong Security

Cloudbric RAS detects and blocks notorious web threats, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection and DDoS attacks. The User Authentication method allows only those with preapproved credentials to access the private network, using a two-factor authentication (2FA).

Monitor All Traffic

Vs.VPN? We Monitor All Traffic

Compared to traditional VPNs, RAS not only prevents unauthorized users from accessing private networks but also blocks threats from within the network.

Reduce manager overload

Reduce manager overload

Improve user and administrator convenience by providing a web-based interface.

Enable integrated management of multiple systems by managing corporate systems in domain units.

Safely secure remote access environment
with zero trust-based triple security network

Cloudbric RAS is based on a zero-trust security model that thoroughly validates all access. It grants access to authorized users and devices and creates a simple, quickly executed remote access environment while providing thorough security based on Three Layer Security: authentication security, traffic monitoring, and hacking prevention.

RAS 3-Layer Security

Traffic monitoring
All traffic generated during communication is monitored to detect and block suspicious movements such as malicious bots, malicious IPs, and DDoS attacks.

Multi-factor authentication
E-mail addresses are managed as employee IDs to provide enhanced security. Only your employees can access the in-house system. Additional login authentication is provided through an email-based authentication code and OTP code.

Block hacking
Cloudbric RAS protects against a spectrum of hacking methods, from Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, SQL injection and malicious bots to DDoS attacks.

Web-based interface for the convenience of user and administrator

Users can access Cloudbric RAS from a regular browser and choose an additional authentication method: email address and OTP authentication.
Administrators can easily manage services through the integrated management screen.

RAS User Journey

RAS Admin Guide

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