Cloudbric RAS

Convenient and Secure SaaS Type ZTNA Solution without Installation

Experience a secure and fast remote work environment for corporations with User-based enhanced 2FA OTP authentication security in web browser environments without complex installations.

Cloudbric RAS

Agentless Zeto Trust Network Access Solution

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security solution. Establish a secure remote access environment with Cloudbric RAS (Remote Access Solution) anytime, anywhere, even in non-face-to-face environments such as working from home or on mobile work.

Cloudbric RAS

Benefits of Cloudbric RAS

Internal System Protection with a Zero-Trust-based Triple-Security Network

Grant access exclusively to authorized users and devices
Establish a secure remote access environment featuring triple-layer security, including Authentication Security, Traffic Monitoring, and Hacking Prevention

Convenient Remote Access Anywhere, Anytime

Access on-premise web applications via a web browser from any device, regardless of location and time

Maximize Management Efficiency by Reducing Administrator Workload

Offering a web-based interface for enhanced user and administrator convenience, enabling domain-specific management of enterprise systems for integrated management of multiple systems

Swift and Effortless Application Without Separate Installations

Implement solutions by changing DNS information, eliminating the need for physical hardware or software installations

Cloudbric RAS

Provided Services

Data Encryption
Secure all HTTP/S traffic passing through the cloud-based security/authentication server with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)
Web-based Interface
Access authentication screens for users and integrated management screens for administrators
Dual Security Settings
Enhance internal system access control by associating email addresses with employee IDs
Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) during login, requiring supplementary authentication codes or OTP codes
Traffic Monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring of all transmitted and received communication traffic
Detection and prevention of malicious bots, malicious IPs, DDoS attacks, and more
Hacking Prevention
Protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection, malicious bots, DDoS attacks, and more

Cloudbric RAS

Cloudbric PAS / Cloudbric RAS Comparison

Cloudbric PAS
Cloudbric RAS
Agent-based(Endpoint initiated) SDP Service
Agentless(Service initiated) ZTNA Service
Service Environment
Agent installation
Change DNS Settings of Domain
ZTNA Security
· Secured remote access environment through 2 Factor-Authentication
· Enhanced access control by user/device
· Prevent customer environment exposure through a dedicated tunneling and virtual IP authentication server
· Enhanced security with continuous identity and access authority verification
· Secured remote access environment through 2 Factor-Authentication
· Managed access control by user/device
· Access through a dedicated authentication server to avoid exposure to the customer’s environment
Admin Console

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