Cloudbric WAF+

No.1 in the Asia Pacific – WAF with A.I & Logic-based detection engine
Fully Managed Web Application and API Protection

Cloudbric WAF+ lowers the already best-in-class false-positive rates. It detects not only the traditional attack patterns but also the modified or new attack methods. We show you not only how the attack happened, but WHY.

Console page of Cloudbric WAF+ - Web Application Firewall

Cloudbric console page

Risk & Threat

What could cyberattacks cause you?

Data Leakage

Attackers steal your
sensitive data and
use it to cause
you severe damage

Degrade Reputation

Once a company is
hacked, customers lose
trust and move to
your competitors

Financial Loss

While your systems are
down due to cyberattacks,
it will cause massive
revenue losses

Legal Implication

You might need to prove
that it is not a cause of
security negligence.

More than 95% of WAFs opted by companies are pattern matching WAF.

The old generation WAFs have signature pattern matching systems that cannot detect zero-day attacks and have
the higher false-positive rate.


Cloudbric Competitor A (US) Competitor B (JP)
True Positive Rate
(Higher is better)
92.50% 75.31% 77.50%
False Positive Rate
(Lower is better)
2.19% 6.88% 10.63%
False Negative Rate
(Lower is better)
7.50% 24.69% 22.50%


Higher false positive means it mistakes your legit customers as hackers and blocks them out.

How is Cloudbric WAF+ different?

Trumps simple

Cloudbric WAF+ is
equipped with logic-
based intelligent WAF
engine that was voted as
Asia Pacific’s No.1.

Semantic +
Heuristic Analysis

It parses the code of
all of the web traffics
to understand the “Intent”
of the attack

Low False Positive

Patented logic engine
deep learning A.I. module
to validate log for
lower false-positive rate.

Verified Accuracy

The latest logic engine
boasts industry-leading
accuracy (as verified by
the Wizlynx group
penetration testing).

See how Cloudbric fares against other WAFs on the market.

WAF+ Features

The features of Cloudbric WAF+, SSl/TLS, DDoS, WAF, Malicious IP, Bot Control

Cloudbric WAF+ is a fully managed web security solution for any company or organization with a website, providing
protection against the full spectrum of web threats.


Cloudbric WAF provides a fully
managed web security for
enterprises and SMBs with
our logic engine with industry-
leading accuracy and a patented
deep learning A.I. module
for classifying new web attacks.


Cloudbric web security comes
standard with DDoS attack
protection up to 40 Gbps,
blocking out L3/4 attacks
on the network layer as well as
L7 DDoS attacks on the
application layer.


Cloudbric encrypts all web traffic
with our complimentary SSL
certificate using the latest TLS
protocol that complies with
international security standards.

Malicious IPs

Cloudbric automatically blocks
traffic originating from Malicious
IPs, our compiled threat intelligence
database collected from 700,000
websites in 95 countries.

Bot Control

Cloudbric’s proprietary logic engine
is equipped with a Bot Control
function, blocking all malicious bots
including spyware, adware, spam
bots and malicious web crawlers.

Simple implementation with DNS change

Cloudbric WAF+ does not require the installation of any client agents or hardware servers. The service is cloud-based,
implemented simply by changing the DNS settings of the webserver.

Cloudbric WAF+ Registration Steps

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