Cloudbric ADDoS

Enhanced DDoS Protection Service capable of mitigating attacks up to 100 Tbps.

Enhancing security rules through real-time attack analysis, encompassing typical infrastructure layer (L3, L4) attacks to the more intricate application layer (L7) attacks.

Cloudbric ADDoS

Edge Computing Technology based DDoS Protection Service

Cloudbric’s ADDoS (Advanced DDoS Protection) offers an advanced DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) protection that surpasses the basic DDoS protection provided by Cloudbric WAF+. It offers advanced DDoS protection services based on intelligence collected and analyzed from global edge locations, providing advanced protection against DDoS attacks.

DDoS is?

A distributed denial of service attack employs a substantial number of devices to overwhelm a web server, resulting in system paralysis. In addition to the traditional method of generating excessive traffic to induce network overload, these attacks have evolved to exploit application vulnerabilities and target web servers directly. Therefore, implementing proactive measures to prevent data loss and leakage is crucial.

Cloudbric ADDoS

Optimal DDoS Protection Solution

Cloudbric ADDoS provides tailored security solutions optimized to meet specific customer requirements. This is achieved by creating security policies after analyzing attacks, utilizing intelligent automated real-time threat detection, and aligning these policies and rules with web applications.

Protection Against Diverse DDoS Attack

· Utilize CDN (Content Delivery Network) to absorb and mitigate malicious traffic, preventing large-scale attacks on the L3 and L4 infrastructure layers
· Employ advanced technology to identify and counter sophisticated L7 application layer attacks that are difficult to distinguish from normal requests, promptly transitioning into a DDoS-protected mode upon detection

Strengthen the Security System

· Facilitate real-time threat analysis and security policy advancement through edge node and cloud-based central security (CBCS) layer configurations
· Harness an advanced engine strengthened by behavior-based detection techniques and iterative learning processes, ensuring precise attack detection

Immediate Traffic Distribution

· Harness 73 globally distributed edge networks to prevent large-scale attacks of up to 100 Tbps.
· Efficiently distribute traffic from the request locations to the nearest edge node, effectively mitigating DDoS attacks in under 1 second.

User-Centric Convenient User Console

· Offering dashboard that facilitate insights into visit counts over periods, attack frequencies, types of attack prevention, and attack status categorized by country.

Cloudbric ADDoS

Fast and Convenient Implementation Without Installation

Service implementation can be completed within 1 business day by simply changing the DNS information.

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