Elite Full Service Website Security
Cloudbric provides a full suite of website security features
All-Inclusive Website Security

Cloudbric provides an all-inclusive security solution for users concerned about website security.

Web attacks

blocks attacks accurately and quickly with the industry-leading detection technology

waf cloudbric protection
DDoS attacks

blocks attempts to exhaust resources and render websites inaccessible inaccessible

DDos protection cloudbric
SSL Certificate

encrypts communications and protects data by providing free SSL certificates

ssl protection cloudbric
Block Web Attacks with Accuracy

With a patented logic analysis engine, Cloudbric is one of the most accurate Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) in the market. Unlike the majority of WAFs that can only detect known attacks, Cloudbric is able to detect and block unknown and modified attacks with the lowest false positive rate.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Cloudbric is based on the technology of Penta Security Inc., a leading web application and database security vendor in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Cloudbric is this year’s winner in Best SME Security Solution.


by SC Magazine.

“Cloudbric’s Web Application Firewall is the No.1 WAF in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region based on market share”


by Frost & Sullivan.

Cloudbric is next-generation innovation in the information security marketplace.


by Cyber Defense Magazine.

Three Simple Steps to Activate

No need for hardware, installations or coding. Protect your website with a simple one-time activation