Cloudbric VPN App v2.0 has been released

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Cloudbric VPN App v2.0 has been released.

This version provides a safer and more private internet usage environment more reliably.

The changes are as follows:

[Key Updates]

      • Added supported countries: Enhanced global accessibility by expanding the number of supported countries from 10 to 35.
      • Introduction of paid plans: Launched paid plans to improve server stability and service usability.
      • UI/UX upgrades: Improved UI/UX to enhance user experience.

* iOS and Mac release: June 2024(ETD)
* Regarding Cloudbric VPN paid plans for Windows, it is available through mobile payment.
* If the old version of Cloudbric VPN (before Cloudbric VPN v2.0) does not work properly, please delete and reinstall the Cloudbric VPN app.

Penta Security will continue to strive to improve the Cloudbric VPN app service to provide a fast and secure security environment optimized for user experience. We look forward to your continued interest and support.