Threat Intelligence

Cloudbric also provides threat intelligence for the public interest as part of our mission to create a safer, more secure
online environment.

The core of Cloudbric’s threat data system, Cloudbric Labs is a platform that provides expert analysis of web
vulnerability and risk intelligence collected from around the world. The platform delivers the collected data to the
community using blockchain technology, ensuring that it can be trusted.

Cloudbric provides high quality information by adding a proprietary deep learning engine called Vision to the continuous
research of Cloudbric’s security expert group.

Threat DB

Database of Cuber threats

Database of cyber threats – Detected and filtered by the web security platform service
Cloudbric WAF+ – Provides more than 10,000 pieces of user-provided threat data,
including hacker wallet addresses, phishing URLs and black IPs.

  • Users report cyber threat data to Cloudbric. Security experts at Cloudbric build
    the Threat DB based on the report.
  • The Threat DB offers a search function for risks of data.
  • The top 100 malicious IPs are listed.
  • Malicious IPs are also provided through API.


A WAF performance-testing tool

WAFER is a WAF performance-testing tool designed to help you find the WAF that best
suits your security needs. OWASP Top 10, Exploit DB Patterns and Cloudbric Lab’s
research team can evaluate the performance of your current WAF by sending traffic to
selected attack patterns to test domains.

  • WAF performance is evaluated.
  • A report evaluating the performance of the WAF is provided.
  • The report can be downloaded as a file.

Threat Index

search web vulnerabilities collected from CVE and Exploit DB

This tool searches web vulnerabilities collected from sites such as CVE and Exploit DB.
By monitoring and analyzing the latest web vulnerabilities, you can determine whether
security measures are necessary and respond quickly and easily.

  • A report on the latest web security issues and new vulnerabilities are available.
  • An email subscription for weekly updates is available.

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