Cloudbric Labs

Quality Acknowledged by CTA
Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform

Cloudbric Labs serves as the core of Cloudbric’s threat data system, where security experts analyze web vulnerabilities and risk information collected from 114 countries globally, and provide the findings at no charge. Leverage Cloudbric Labs to proactively counter web threats.

Cloudbric Labs

Threat Intelligence Collection and Sharing Platform

Cloudbric Labs, validated through its membership in the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), is a core aspect of Cloudbric’s threat data system. This platform shares threat intelligence to proactively counter cyber threats by identifying past attack history, similar methods, and patterns. The deep learning AI engine, Vision, complements Cloudbric’s continuous research efforts led by its security expert group, ensuring the provision of top-notch data.

Threat Intelligence Database

Threat data detected and filtered by own security platforms, along with hacker wallet addresses, phishing URLs, IP blacklists, and more.
· Free Threat Data
· Data Risk Search
· Top 100 Malicious IPs
· Malicious IPs API

Web-based WAF Performance and Speed Testing Platform

· Downloadable Performance Evaluation Report
· WAF Performance Evaluation
(Based on OWASP, Advisory DB Pattern, and Attack patterns selected by Cloudbric Labs’s research team)

Web Vulnerability Search

Latest Web Vulnerability Monitoring and Analysis
· Reports on the Latest Web Security Issues and New Vulnerabilities
(CVE, and Exploit DB)
· Email Subscription for the Updates (Weekly)
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