About Cloudbric

Cloudbric is the first SaaS-type security platform in Korea and is a leading brand in the SaaS-type security platform industry.
From IoT & End Point security to enterprise web security, we provide services safeguarding all entities requiring an Internet connection.

Service Offering

Cloudbric safeguards a diverse range of customers, from IoT & Endpoint security to enterprise web security, covering anyone reliant on an Internet connection. We offer security services across a broad spectrum, including bolstering security through big data-based cyber threat intelligence platforms.

Technology for Ensuring a Secure Cyber Environment

Cloudbric Security platform, Penta Security, Cloudbric


Safeguarding from corporate web security to API security.

Public Cloud Security

Simplify the management, covering from security consulting to optimizing security policies.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Defending against new web threats through the sharing of big-data based cyber threat information.

ZTNA based End-Point & IoT Security

Safeguarding from individual user authentication to individual IoT device.

Security App

Securing personal Internet access and preventing phishing and smishing attacks.

List of Awards

Acknowledged by global experts, its advanced technology is underscored by patents obtained in Korea, Japan, and the United States.

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