Cloudbric WMS

WAF Managed Service
Intelligence-based security rule set management service

In general, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MS Azure provide web firewall capabilities that allow users to create and manage firewall rules themselves to protect services from web attacks that affect their cloud service availability or overuse of resources. These user-centered self-services have limited rule usage that can be configured at once and block attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and filter specific IP addresses or geographic areas based on rules and conditions specified by the user.

Therefore, the security capability of the WAF provided by the CSP is inevitably getting low because it is very picky and difficult for users to directly manage and operate the rules.

Hence, in order to maintain stable web security, it is necessary to manage systematic rule sets such as understanding tools and organizing effective rule sets for the user’s environment, continuous monitoring, and response to web security issues.

Cloudbric WMS (WAF Managed Service) is an intelligence-based security rule management service that systematically supports CSP WAFs such as AWS WAF and MS Azure WAF to be safely  protected under the management of security experts against a wide range of security threats. It helps to minimize the operational burden and maintains a stable security level by continuously  optimizing rule sets providing security rule sets that are suitable for the user’s environment as well as intelligence-based automatic threat detection technology and advanced analytics technology from security experts.

Why do we need Managed Services?

It takes a lot of time and money to keep up with the constantly changing threat landscape.
Cloudbric’s security rule sets not only save your time but also easily protect your company against the threat of web hacking which allows you to focus on your core business.

service stability

– Provide security rule sets
with the high detection rate

– Systematic threat detection and response system

– Resolve root cause through
log-based response


– Optimize your security rule sets through security experts

– Save time with automating the log analysis system

– Support for technical inquiries by operating a 24/7 support channel

operating costs

– Reduce the burden of human resources to maintain operations

– Minimize unnecessary costs caused by hacking

corporate image

– Minimize service interruption problems due to security incidents

– Improve reliability by preventing user’s information leakage

Proven self-developed technology and security expertise

Cloudbric WMS is a user-centered security operation management service that has provided with No.1 web security technology in the Asia-Pacific region and the expertise of in-house security specialists. Cloudbric provides outstanding global security services based on partnerships with more than 100 companies not only in Korea but also all around the world.

The intelligent logic-based detection engine of cloudbric WMS

The intelligent logic-based
detection engine

It utilizes Cloudbric WAF+’s intelligent logic-based detection engine, which has been recognized as the No. 1 market share in the Asia-Pacific.

This not only accurately detects abnormal patterns and behaviors in millions of logs but also reduces the speed of detailed analysis and response of security experts.

Blockchain- based Malicious IP Reputation of cloudbric WMS

Blockchain- based Malicious
IP Reputation

Based on the threat IP information that is collected and processed daily from more than 700,000 sites in 95 countries, it quickly responds to intelligent and advanced cyber-attacks through reputation analysis.

In order to continuously improve service quality we are continuously upgrading Threat DB by joining Cyber Threat Analysis & Sharing (C-TAS) and Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA).

Rich experience and expertise for cloudbric WMS

Rich experience and expertise

We respond to web application security issues such as new vulnerabilities and false positives with over 16 years of rich experience in the security industry and accumulated know-how.

With Cloudbric’s 24/7 support channel and technical support in Korean/English/Japanese, you can maintain a high level of web application security through Cloudbric services even without having your own security experts.

Easy & Convenient Security Monitoring

You don’t need to be an expert. Cloudbric WMS provides an intuitive, web-based user interface that makes it easy to manage and maintain the security status of websites.

Through the information acquired from various Web ACL logs analysis in the last 3 months, the user console provides convenient enterprise security operations and management that enable the user to not only view the cyber threat status, but also to perform easy configurations ranging from simple Rule settings to overrides.

Console UI of Cloudbric WMS

The performance of Cloudbric WMS compare to competitors through the Benchmark Test

High-performance security rule sets with a high detection rate

Cloudbric WMS shows a high detection rate (97.09%) in security tests using WAFER. The advanced technology of WAFER excels in many areas, such as displaying a record of over 20% higher detection rate compared to Rule Set provided by AWS WAF and Managed Rule provided by AWS WAF.


a test tool to evaluate the security performance of WAF. WAFER’s test patterns consist of OWASP, Exploit DB patterns, and attack patterns strictly selected by the research team of Cloudbric Labs.

Provided Service

Service provided for creating a security policy and improving the convenience of operations

WMS_User consulting

Creating Rule Set

– Provides consults based on user logs
– OWASP Top 10 response security policy
– Provision of Malicious IP Reputation

WMS_Security Policy

Security Policy Operations

– Intelligence-based optimization system
– Added security with automated
threat IP block

WMS_New Vulnerabilities

New Vulnerabilities Response

– Latest threat data analysis
– Early detection and response for new vulnerabilities

WMS_User Console

User Console

– Threat data visualization interface
– Automated configuration for user convenience

*Including management of logs for 3 months

WMS_Threat Report

Security Report

– Real time automated log analysis
– Provision of threat insight

*PDF Download available


Customer Support

– 24/7 support channel
– KO/EN/JP technical inquiry support and false detection response

Quick and easy to implement without the need to install a program

You can experience the powerful managed web security service of Cloudbric WMS through a simple service application without installing programs or changing DNS.

WMS Registration Steps

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