Cloudbric WMS

Simplified Management for Complex AWS WAF Dedicated Dashboard for Quick Overview

An intuitive user interface enables effortless monitoring and management of AWS WAF’s security status for both experts and non-experts.

Cloudbric WMS

Intelligence-based Security Policy Operation and Management Service

Cloudbric WMS(WAF Managed Service) provides systematic security policy management services such as configuring and monitoring the Managed Rules for the customer environment to optimize the Cloud Service Provider Web Application Firewall (CSP WAF).
Cloudbric WMS, AWS WAF Managed service, Penta Security, Cloudbric

Cloudbric WMS

Why is Managed Service necessary?

Operating and managing Web Application Firewalls (WAF) provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure can be extremely challenging for those without expertise. Easily Manage AWS WAF, Even Without Dedicated Personnel or Security Expertise with Cloudbric WMS.

Secure and Convenient Management

· Optimized Security Policies by Experts
· Automatic Log Analysis System

Enhanced Service Reliability

· Managed Rules with High Detection Rates · Systematic Risk Detection and Response · Resolve Fundamental Causes Through Log-Based Response

Cost Saving in Operations

· Reduced Human Resources for Security Policy Operation
· Minimized Unnecessary Costs Through the Hacking Prevention
Cloudbric WMS, Corporate Image enhance, Cloudbric, Penta Security

Enhanced Corporate Image

· Smooth Operations via Cybersecurity Preparedness
· Increased Customer Trust via Secure User Information Management

Dedicated Dashboard
for Monitoring

Cloudbric WMS provides a dedicated dashboard with an intuitive UI for security status management of the website. The user console within the dashboard provides web ACL log analysis data covering the previous three months, facilitating evaluation of cyber threat statuses and simplifying rule configuration and override.

Globally Recognized Technology

Leverage the expertise of industry-leading security professionals with over 27 years of experience to optimize security policies. Swiftly counter advanced cyber attacks using Threat DB recognized by the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), an alliance of the world’s foremost security corporations.

Cloudbric WMS

Service Offering

Security Policy
Customized Consulting based on User Logs
Security policy for OWASP Top 10 Response
Provide Malicious IP Reputation
Security Policy
Intelligence-based Optimization System
Dual Security via Automated Threat IP Blocking
New Vulnerabilities Response
Operating an Up-to-date Threat Information Analysis System
Early Detection and Response to New Vulnerabilities
User Console
Visualized Threat Information Interface
Setting Automation for User Convenience
(Includes approx. 3 months of log management)
Security Reports
Automated Real-time Log Analysis
Provide Threat Insight
(Available in PDF format)
Customer Support
24/7 Support Channel
Tech Support in KR/EN/JP with False-positive Response

Cloudbric WMS

Fast and Convenient Implementation Without Installation

Cloudbric WMS offers a robust managed service without the need for installation or DNS settings.

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Security Policy Setting

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