Blockchain Security

Connect Blockchain with Security

The Cloudbric Threat Database, built using blockchain technology, plays a key role in numerous Cloudbric security solutions, ensuring robust security across diverse fields, from enterprise web application servers to endpoints.

Blockchain Security

With its vast expertise in securing web application servers, cloud, and mobile platforms, Cloudbric has developed the Cloudbric Threat DB, a powerful resource in the fight against cyber threats. This database is built upon data collected from Cloudbric’s own security solutions, as well as information gathered from the alliance of global security leaders, known as the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), and valuable user reports.
*CTA, Cyber Threat Alliance is a cyber threat data sharing platform created by a combination of global security companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Symantec, and McAfee. Cloudbric is one of three leading security companies in Korea that have passed the CTA qualification.
*C-TAS, (Cyber Threat Analysis and Sharing System) is a system involving 328 member companies, including manufacturing and IT, to respond to infringement quickly by sharing various cyber threat information with the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) since 2014.

Cloudbric Threat DB (Database)

Cloudbric’s Threat Database, distributed and stored on individual nodes via blockchain technology, is incorporated into various Cloudbric security solutions to rapidly detect and classify diverse cyber threats, including malware and phishing. Cloudbric’s security experts consistently enhance and update cyber threat databases by researching the latest security technologies.

Collect threat data with own security solution and user report


Sharing Threat Data with CTA, C-TAS, and Other Cyber Threat Information Associations


Provides search capabilities to determine whether your data is at risk

* Malicious IP, Phishing URLs, Hacker wallet address


Provides APIs for Malicious IP

Blockchain Security

End-point Security

Cloudbric Threat DB is utilized for endpoint security, protecting users and their personal devices from cyber threats including smishing/phishing, while ensuring secure access.


Personal Mobile Security Solution to Protect Against Phishing and Smishing

Cloudbric VPN

VPN service for fast and secure internet connection
Cloudbric VPN, Free VPN, Cloudbric, Penta Security

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