Cloudbric VPN

For a Secure Internet Connection
High-performance, cloud-based, fast and easy VPN service

Cloudbric VPN is a service that securely protects your personal information online by establishing an encrypted path between your devices and the Internet. Cloudbric VPN acts as a protective shield for users, which not only makes them anonymous but also blocks others from knowing their location and online activities. Many VPN services on the market use weak security protocols which cause slow internet speed or cost and technical issues when website traffic is more concentrated than usual. Cloudbric VPN offers not only the fastest speeds, but also secure connection services based on specialized security algorithms, utilizing specially selected high-performance cloud infrastructure.

More secure internet access based on a specialized security algorithm

Cloudbric VPN is based on a handpicked high-performance cloud service. Based on Cloudbric’s strong security technology, users can easily and quickly connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere without worrying about security.

High Speed based on High performance protocol

High speed based on High-performance Protocol

Cloudbric VPN uses a very high-speed performance WireGuard® protocol. This ensures a secure connection and minimizes speed degradation. Cloudbric VPN is based on a handpicked high-performance cloud service that allows users to quickly connect to the Internet and access web services without slowing down.

eaxy to use with intuitive UI/UX

Easy to use,
with intuitive UI/UX

Users can experience a secure Internet connection with one click or touch. Cloudbric VPN provides intuitive UI/UX features optimized for multiple types of devices and operating systems. Encrypt Internet traffic with an On/Off switch button and secure your IP address.

Robust security by security experts

Robust security by security experts

Cloudbric works with security experts to offer a VPN service that is optimized for security based on extensive industry experience, accumulated know-how and data. Cloudbric VPN uses its own private VPN (DNS), as well as zero logs that do not track, collect, and share user information.

Why Do we need a VPN?

Public Wi-Fi networks that can be found in places like cafes, and airports are extremely dangerous. If there is only one hacker connected to the same network, all activities can be easily exposed. A VPN allows you to securely hide the IP from the Internet service providers (ISPs), and it enables you to securely connect to the Internet. A VPN allows users to connect to the Internet with confidence without worrying about exposing activities performed on mobile devices or computers.

Security Enhancement

When you use a VPN to access a public Wi-Fi network or when trading digital assets, your traffic gets encrypted, enabling secure and private Internet access.

Free Access

You can get free access to games, websites, and more, anytime and anywhere, as our service doesn’t expose personal information such as search history and physical location to Internet service providers.

Easy and fast internet access anytime, anywhere

Experience a secure Internet connection with a just single click or touch anytime, anywhere.
Cloudbric VPN provides various types of VPN services that fit your device.

Download the desktop app

Select the operating system of the device
and download it.

Download the mobile app

Select the operating system of the device
and download it.

Available only on Windows 10 (64-bit),
macOS Sierra 10.12 and later.

Available on Android 5.0, iOS 12
and later versions only.

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