Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is provided as a supplementary document for entering the service contract, in which the SLA is provided for the purpose of defining the Service Level and outlining the necessary terms for the provision of service by Cloudbric Corp. If there is to be a conflict between this SLA and the terms of the service contract, the terms of the service contract take precedence. 


For the purpose of this SLA, the specific terms associated with the Cloudbric service are defined as follows.
The right to define and alter the terms of this SLA belongs to Cloudbric Corp.

–  Cloudbric Corp means a Korean corporation located and operating at 115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (07241) 8F.

–  Cloudbric service means the SaaS (Software as a service) service model, provided to the customers by Cloudbric Corp.

–  Monthly service fee means the service fee paid by the customer every month to Cloudbric Corp for the use of Cloudbric service.

–  Customer usage means the total time, measured in minutes, of accessing Cloudbric service within the period of one month by the customer.

–  Service failure means any instances in which the customer’s server fails to result in a valid web response for five (5) consecutive minutes while continuous requests have been made, with the exception of instances specified in [8. Exceptions for providing Service credit].

–  Service credit means a portion of the Monthly service fees credited to the customers by Cloudbric Corp, which the term of use is specified in [Use of SLA credits].

–  Service level means the performance metric(s) outlined in this SLA for Cloudbric Corp to agree and deliver, e.g., monthly availability.

–  Verified failure means the Service failures verified by Cloudbric Corp via monitoring the logs of access that occurred in the Cloudbric service (The Verified failure in ADDoS includes the information of the percentage of customers affected by the Service failure).

–  Valid web response means any web response from at least one of Cloudbric’s service virtual machines.

–  Cloudbric service profile means the deployment of Cloudbric service initiated by the customer in which the customer has access to configurations such as, but not limited to, the domain name of the Cloudbric website and IP address. 


Service details

This service is provided by Cloudbric Corp., and the service continuum includes only the domain URLs registered via Cloudbric’s website.


Service performance

Cloudbric service must maintain a certain level of performance in the following categories to meet the customers’ needs.

–  The monthly availability percentage is calculated with the following equation.

–  Monthly Availability Percentage = (Customer usage-Verified failure)/Customer usage X 100

–  The target availability is set for 99.95% or above. (The target availability for and only for ADDoS is set for 99.99%)

–  As specified in [Annex 1. Policy for Cloudbric’s service credit], customers are qualified for the Service credit if and when the monthly availability fails to meet the target availability.

–  Under no circumstances will the Service credit be compensated to the customer exceeding the amount of the Monthly service fee.


Failure response procedure

–  The customer sends a report to Cloudbric Corp via Cloudbric’s website if and when a service failure occurs. The report will include information such as, but not limited to, service type, IP address, date, time, and the error message. The report may also include contact information and details of the Service failure if necessary.

–  For Cloudbric Corp to compensate the customers with the Service credit for the Service failures, the customers must send in the report within seven (7) days after the initial occurrence.

–  Cloudbric Corp reviews the Service failure.

–  All decisions made by Cloudbric Corp regarding the Service credit are legally binding.

–  The monthly service fee must continue to be paid in full by the customer while the Service failure is under review and the Service credit is undergoing evaluation by Cloudbric Corp.

–  The Service credit will later apply to the Monthly service fee of Cloudbric service.


Customer unqualified for Service credit

Customers who failed to make payments for three (3) Monthly service fees within twelve (12) months will not be able to qualify for and receive the Service credit.


Use of Service credits

The Service credit may not be sold or transferred to a third party. Sending a false report or sending multiple reports for a single occurrence is considered a violation of the Service contract. Service credit is valid until the Service contract is terminated or expired.


Exceptions for providing Service credit

There are exceptions in providing the Service level as outlined in this SLA. The exceptions in providing the Service level are as follows.

–  When Cloudbric Corp or a third-party service provider, which Cloudbric Corp will notify via Cloudbric’s website, provides service upgrades, maintenance, and fixes (service provision of third-party providers will be notified via Cloudbric’s website five (5) days before performing the service) or Cloudbric service requires emergency fixes (emergency fixes will be notified via Cloudbric’s website). However, if non-regular maintenance is meant for the infrastructure based on Cloudbric, or if Cloudbric Corp decides that an emergency fix is required, Cloudbric Corp is not obligated to notify the customers five (5) days before.

–  For non-regular maintenance and fixes performed by Cloudbric Corp.

–  For customers who violated the service contract.

–  For issues caused by the customer.

–  For the automated display of Cloudbric’s web-seal.

–  For System management or file transfer performed by the customer representative.

–  For any event of Force majeure.

–  When the customer’s access to the service has been suspended, or the customer’s website as provided in the service contract has been blocked.

–  When the customer has violated the Acceptable Use Policy.

–  When issues occur as the customer failed to cooperate with Cloudbric Corp’s advisement for modification in the use of service.

–  When an issue occurs due to third-party technology, hardware, software, application, OS, or service which Cloudbric does not own nor control.

–  For issues caused by the customer’s bypass.

–  When an issue occurs during the free trial of the service.

–  When the customer failed o make a report of the Service failure to Cloudbric Corp via Cloudbric’s website within seven (7) days after the initial occurrence.


Annex 1. Policy for Cloudbric’s Service credit

Section Monthly availability (%) Service credit (%)
ADDoS < 99.99%, ≥ 99% 10%
Except ADDoS < 99.95%, ≥ 99% 10%
All < 99% 30%