[Weekly Security News] Cyber attacks targeting Healthcare or high-value technological insights

[Weekly Security News] Cyber attacks targeting Healthcare or high-value technological insights


[April 30 2024]

1. Health conglomerate Kaiser notifies millions of a data breach

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, which is one of the leading U.S. health care providers, is notifying millions of its members of a data breach earlier this month, it reported in a notice posted on 25th April. The incident at Kaiser is listed on the Department of Health and Human Services’ breach notification portal and the information that may have been involved was limited to: IP address, name, and information showing how a member or patient interacted with and navigated through the websites and mobile applications and so on.

Source : REUTERS, CNA, The Record


2. LA County Health Services: Patients’ data exposed in phishing attack

The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services disclosed a data breach after patients’ personal and health information was exposed in a data breach resulting from a recent phishing attack impacting over two dozen employees. A hacker was able to gain log-in credentials of 23 DHS employees through a phishing e-mail. Additionally, even though no evidence was found during the investigation that the attackers accessed or misused the exposed personal and health information, L.A. County Health Services advises affected patients to contact their healthcare providers to verify the content and accuracy of their medical records.

Source : Bleeping Computer, SC Media


3. Volkswagen Hacked – Hackers Stolen 19,000 Documents From VW Server

Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, has fallen victim to a sophisticated hacking operation in a significant cybersecurity breach. Investigations suggest that the cyberattack originated in China, raising concerns over international cyber espionage and its implications for the global electric vehicle (EV) industry. The stolen data includes critical information on Volkswagen’s proprietary EV technologies and production strategies. The specifics of the data stolen suggest that the hackers were not merely opportunistic but had a clear and targeted agenda to capture high-value technological insights.

Source : Cyber Security News, Security Week, Cybersecurity News



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