Cloudbric Managed Rules for AWS WAF Release Notes

Cloudbric Managed Rule Set update information for AWS WAF sold in AWS Marketplace.
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Update 2022-07-07

Products: OWASP TOP 10 Rule Set
Rule Name: Cloudbric_Log4j, Cloudbric_Unix_ShellScript, Cloudbric_StealthCommanding_Execute, Cloudbric_Invalid_URL

labal-FEATUREAdd new rules for ‘Log4 vulnerabilities’ (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, CVE-202145105, CVE-2021-4104) and ‘Cloubric_Log4j’,’Cloudbric_Unix_ShellScript’ to prevent attacks through shell script commands.

labal-CHANCEDModify ‘Cloudbric_StealthCommanding_Execute’ Rule to improve false positives

labal-DEPRECATEDDelete the existing ‘Cloudbric_Invalid_URL’ Rule to improve false positives

labal-WARNING‘Cloudbric_Unix_ShellScript’ and Cloudbric_Log4j’ Rule can affect  WAF operation depending on the user environment. It is recommended to apply after testing with Count Action.

Update 2022-06-10

Products: Malicious IP Reputation Rule Set
Rule Name: Cloudbric_MaliciousIP_List

labal-CHANCEDIP Reputation List improvement through Threat DB advancement

Update 2022-04-28

Products: OWASP Top 10 Rule Set, Malicious IP Reputation Rule Set
Rule Name: ALL
Note: Due to the launch of new AWS Regions on April 28, 2022, expanding the scope of service provision.

labal-FEATURECreate Rule Set in Jakarta, AWS New Region ‘CGK(ap-southeast-3)’

Update 2021-11-12

Products: OWASP Top 10 Rule Set, Malicious IP Reputation Rule Set
Rule Name: ALL
Note: Initial Product Release

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Products: Updated Product Name
Rule Name: Updated Rule Name
Note: Updated Content

labal-FEATURE Add new rule and expand region

labal-CHANCEDModify existing rules

labal-FIXEDErrors and bug fixes

labal-DEPRECATEDDelete the provided Rule


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