Cloudbric Rule Set

One and only
Managed Rules for AWS WAF in Korea

Only seven companies in the world offer Managed Rules for AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), and among them, Cloudbric is the only company that provides this service in Korea. Experience world-class, high-performance security policies with Cloudbric Rule Set, the comprehensive managed rules for AWS WAF.

Managed Rules for AWS WAF, Cloudbric Rule Set, Managed Rules

What is the Managed Rules in AWS Marketplace?

Managed Rules are a collection of predefined WAF security rules that are created, maintained, and managed by AWS Marketplace sellers specifically for AWS WAF users. By subscribing through AWS Marketplace, users can swiftly protect their web applications or APIs from web threats without the need to develop rules themselves.

Why Cloudbric Rule Set?

cloudbric rule set

Security Expertise with over 20 years of Experience

Developed by Cloudbric’s core team of industry-leading security experts, leveraging their technology and expertise.

AWS WAF Ready, Cloudbric Managed Rules

AWS Authorized
High-Performance Security Policy

Cloudbric is first and only AWS WAF Ready Program launch partner in Koera that has successfully passed the strict technical evaluation of AWS.

Cloudbric Managed Rules

Maintain Continuous Security

Continuously updated and managed by security professionals to respond to the latest security threats and maintain a stable security level.

Cloudbric Rule Set

OWASP Top 10 Rule Set

The OWASP Top 10 Rule set implements Cloudbric WAF’s intelligent detection engine, which utilizes the No. 1 market share web firewall detection engine in the Asia-Pacific market. The intelligent-detection engine effectively identifies patterns and behaviors across extensive log data, providing protection against critical web vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) from the OWASP Top 10 list.

Malicious IP Reputation Rule Set

The Malicious IP Reputation Rule set helps to reduce the time in identifying wide range of various threats and minimizes damage by providing Malicious IP Reputation set, based on threat intelligence collected and processed daily from Cloudbric Labs’s 700,000 sites across 95 countries.

Release notes of Cloudbric AWS Rule Set

Cloudbric Rule Set for AWS WAF

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Easy and fast implementation

By subscribing to the Cloudbric Rule Set on AWS Marketplace, securing web applications or APIs becomes effortless and time-efficient, eliminating the need to create intricate and complex AWS WAF security rules from scratch.

cloudbric managed rules for AWS WAF implementation process

Download setting guide for Cloudbric Rule Set on AWS WAF

Cloudbric Rule Set for AWS WAF

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