Get a $5,000 AWS credit for Startups!

Special Benefits from the AWS activation program, Penta Security and AWS have prepared together!
Grow your business with AWS credits and technical support for the customers of Penta Security.

AWS Activate Program Benefits

Penta Security supports a variety of benefits, which are available in AWS, for its current customers or the ones who are going to use.

$5,000 AWS Credits

Providing AWS Credits,
available for 2 yrs.

SA Office Hour

Needing AWS technical consultation,
SA and Office hour of AWS will be provided.

Special Affiliate Benefits

Providing the information on Real-time usage, customized contents, and 80+ affiliate benefits from AWS Activate Console

How to participate in the AWS Activate Program

1. Click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom on the page and submit the form after filling in.
Note. “Inquiries Details” field must includes the words “Apply for AWS Activate”.

2. Access to the “Guideline for Claiming AWS Credits”, which is in the email sent from the Penta Security.

3. After logging in to the website, enter the “Organization ID” sent by Penta Security and submit the application.

The requirements for participation in the AWS Activate Program

1. Founded in the past 10 years

2. Self-funded or funded pre-series B

3. Have a fully-functioning company website

* Note. For the companies that have received credits from the AWS Activate Program before, they will receive the difference less any amount previously received.

Don't miss out on this special Benefits from Penta Security and AWS!

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