Why You Need To Secure Your Website (No Matter How Small)

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Creating a new website is not always easy.

The general consensus today is that people recognize the benefits of website security, but don’t necessarily see it as a need for themselves. When we think of the word cybersecurity, we immediately think of large, multinational companies working hard to protect their enormous amounts of data.

It’s pretty obvious that having a secure website for these corporations is mandatory, but have you ever thought about your own private data? People need to begin changing their stereotypes that only large companies or websites need cybersecurity protection.

A good question to ask yourself is — would you ever leave your door unlocked if you knew you lived in a city full of criminals? Of course you would!

The actual size or popularity of your website doesn’t really matter when it comes to website intrusions. Hackers don’t discriminate from one website to the next, as long as they have a purpose or need to access your personal and private information.

Your website may be for personal blogging or you may even run a small online business with one goal in mind, which is to reach a specific audience. In other words, your website is your personal brand or image. This is why it is critical to protect it at all costs, no matter how small the website.

In the physical world, you personally represent the brand or image that you want to convey to others. Imagine if someone came up to you with a permanent marker and drew on your face, but you have no idea who he or she since they’re wearing a mask and instantly vanished without a trace.

Your image or reputation would undoubtedly take a big hit if this happened. So, the question is, how would you naturally react? We’re going to bet you’d be pretty angry, to say the least, and we don’t blame you. We’re also willing to bet that you would never let a situation like this happen again!

Now, although this was a far fetched example, your website isn’t really too different. Your website is your virtual brand or online image and just like the example above, it can be defaced, humiliated, get banned from Google search, or, most dangerously, be used as a launchpad for internet attacks.

This is even more relevant if you are an online retailer. It is imperative that you secure the safety of your website for the sake of your users. Relationships can be compromised or if users find that customer and credit card information is stolen, it can cripple your business almost overnight. This is why making your website secure is an absolute necessity and shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Most cybersecurity companies offer full enterprise-level website security, but these security features can be extremely pricey. Small and medium businesses typically don’t have the time and resources to invest in such mainstream level services.

This is why Cloudbric is here to help! We focus on providing enterprise-level website protection that includes full protection against those pesky DDoS attacks and SQL Injections. It’s time you begin thinking about your website security. Trial us today.

For more information, feel free to contact us at any time at support@cloudbric.com.


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