[Weekly Security News] Zero Trust, the mainstream in cybersecurity- Positive even in court

[Weekly Security News] Zero Trust, the mainstream in cybersecurity- Positive even in court

[November 01 2023]

1. Zero Trust security goes mainstream, reveals Okta’s 2023 report

Zero Trust has become mainstream according to the latest ‘State of Zero Trust Security’ Report showing an increase in the adoption of security framework in the last two years, with 61% of organizations having a defined zero Trust initiative in place.

Source : Security Brief


2. California Chief Justice: Remote Hearings Improve Access

With courts forced to conduct remote hearings during the pandemic, we, including judges and justices, realized that we can work anywhere and that it is beneficial for participants. Remote hearings have allowed Californians to avoid 1.5 million trips to courthouses each year.

Source : Government Technology


Remote work including remote network access led to better working efficiency and flexible working environment but cybersecurity has to be considered to prevent data breaches and safeguards the public. 


Cloudbric provides advanced Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions ‘Cloudbric PAS (Private Access Solution)’ and ‘Cloudbric RAS (Remote Access Solution)’ to effectively safeguard businesses of all types against sophisticated cyber threats.

Cloudbric PAS is an agent-based ZTNA solution that incorporates Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology. It ensures secure access to private resources within your network, granting access only to authorized users while minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Cloudbric RAS is an agentless ZTNA solution that provides an easy and convenient implementation. It offers secure remote access, allowing authorized users to connect to critical resources securely from any location.

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