Penta Security, successfully participated in local Seminar for Busan & Ulsan

Penta Security, successfully participated in local Seminar for Busan & Ulsan

Seminar for Busan & Ulsan, Korea ICT Network, cloudbric PAS, Penta Security


Penta Security successfully joined the local seminar for Busan & Ulsan held at the University of Ulsan, on Nov 3rd(Fri) and introduced Cloudbric Services to the experts in the information and communication field.

This seminar, hosted by the Korea Education ICT Network, aims to promote information exchange among the universities in Busan and Ulsan as well as strengthen the capabilities of local workers through the regional working council, which is composed of the local workers.

Penta Security introduced Cloudbric PAS(Private Access Solution), a globally award-winning SaaS-type  Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA) Solution that incorporates Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology, with SEG, our biz partner.

Cloudbric PAS makes enhanced network security available through the continuous identity and access authority verification based on the minimal access authority.

ZTNA has become one of the security trends in recent years not only in Korea but around the world as well, interest in Cloudbric PAS has been increasing

Build a secure corporate network environment with Cloudbric PAS, which is optimized for the hybrid working environment where the boundaries between internal and external of corporate, such as workation and remote working, are gradually disappearing.


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