[Weekly Security News] Cybersecurity rules proposed for EU bodies amid cyberattack worries

 March 25, 2022

1. Cybersecurity rules proposed for EU bodies amid cyberattack worries

As rising concerns about cyberatt­­acks could disrupt essential services and cause data theft, the European Commission suggested that EU countries must identify cybersecurity risks at all EU institutions and put in place a framework to improve cybersecurity, and this is part of a package of draft rules called cybersecurity regulations that aims at creating a create a Cybersecurity Board.

EU Governments have warned in recent weeks that Russia or its allies could conduct cyber attacks in retribution for sanctions, recommending banks to strengthen monitoring, scenario-planning, and deploying additional staff in case hostile activity surges.

Source: Investor, REUTERS

2. Demand for Cybersecurity experts at an all-time high

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have forced many employees to work remotely and have seen a spike in cyber-attacks. According to a survey conducted by Global cyber researcher and publisher Cybersecurity Ventures by 2021, it has been numerically announced that the number of jobs for cybersecurity professionals is falling behind demand worldwide.

To solve this problem, companies must struggle to find a few certified cybersecurity professionals available that can be used at a higher cost as they struggle with increasing online attacks.

Source: Business Daily Africa, Jnews

3. The key functions that every WAF should provide

WAF solutions or web application firewall solutions are indispensable to ensure 24-hour proactive security against a wide range of cyber threats that are known and emerging today.

All WAF security solutions must comprehensively address the latest OWASP Top 10 security risks and all other known vulnerabilities such as broken access controls, errors of encryption functionality, security configuration errors, etc.

When choosing a WAF solution, you must see more than the price. It is important to evaluate the WAF solution based on the capabilities of other factors, including the capabilities that were mentioned in this article.

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