[Weekly Security News] Among Us servers in North America and Europe disappeared after DDoS attack

April 1, 2022

1. Among Us servers in North America and Europe disappeared after DDoS attack

According to the official Among Us Twitter page, the Among Us game server has been down for a couple of days due to a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, and several players are waiting for the online games to repair.

According to Among US developers, they immediately took servers down in North America and Europe to check the ongoing server issues and will update the process when the server returns to normal and stabilizes.

Source: Tech StoryEuro Gamer

2. Bradley Airport Website facing unexpected cyber attacks, according to officials.

According to officials, anonymous people have launched DDoS attacks on Bradley International Airport’s website, but they are not successful. He mentioned that it seems to be a politically motivated hack, just like Russian hackers, and only the website was targeted, and airport operations were not affected. He also said the website is currently in operation and there is no data leakage.

Professionals insisted that cyber attacks can be as dangerous as physical attacks on places where data is stolen and computers are unavailable.

Source: Fox21Western Mass News

3. Increasingly large, and complex DDoS attacks, targeting finance sector.

According to a study, DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly large and complex.  Data shows that the severity of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks recorded in 2021 has significantly increased over the year.

Meanwhile, Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) accounted for more than a quarter of the total volume as the biggest target of DDoS attacks in 2021. As the sophistication and diversity of DDoS attacks increase, various measurements must be used to protect against DDoS attacks.

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Source: Help Net SecurityTelecoms

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