[Weekly Security News] A UK-based delivery service company Yodel experienced a ransomware attack, leading to service delays in parcel delivery

UK delivery service company experienced a cyberattack

July 8, 2022

1. A UK-based delivery service company Yodel experienced a ransomware attack, leading to service delays in parcel delivery

A delivery company Yodel based in Liverpool, UK recently experienced a cyber incident that disrupted distribution and online order tracking. Due to delays in delivery services, customers on social media complained that they had not received the package for almost a week and the customer service went down. In general, the company delivers millions of parcels every week from more than 50 locations. A Yodel spokesperson announced that they have been working around the clock to resolve the case.

Source: CPO Magazine


2. A cyberattack on a US software provider has disrupted unemployment and workforce benefits for Tennessee residents

A cyber-attack on U.S. software company Geographic Solutions Inc. has disrupted benefits for unemployment programs that thousands of Tennessee residents relied on, leaving those residents not getting their payments. The company said they were conducting a full investigation to determine the cause and extent of the accident. A labor department spokesman also mentioned that it was not yet clear whether it was a ransomware attack or another type of cyberattack that affected Geographic Solutions.

Source: Security Week, The Newport Plaint Talk


3. Cyberattacks: How can organizations protect their own business against cyberattacks?

We all know that cybersecurity is necessary for all businesses, but fewer global companies are described as cyber readiness “experts.”

According to a report by Hiscox, a global insurance company, many global organizations claim to have gone bankrupt after cyberattacks. Companies spending on security is steadily increasing, and what’s interesting is that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses.

Source: We live security

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