Web Application Firewall: One Step Ahead

Web Application Firewall: One Step Ahead

Nowadays, most cybercrimes have occurred from external attackers or intruders. They usually attack the website of any companies or organization to interrupt the business, steal essential data, and so on. Web Application Firewall called WAF can prevent these terrible situations by protecting web applications. In this article, you will learn about cyber security solutions to stay one step ahead.


Web Application Firewall and Its Benefits

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a software tool that provides a layer of security to a website or application by allowing the user to control the connection to the site and the data transmission. WAFs are an essential part of any security strategy because they protect against a wide range of malicious activities which will be discussed further. But before that, it’s still worth noting the key points of Cloudbric WAF+, which are the AI engine and managed service by Professionals to optimize the security policy and rules for WAF.Deep learning is integral to the modern Web Application Firewall since building protection only on signatures is impossible. There are at least two branches of using deep learning technologies in WAFs. The first one is the use of artificial intelligence to reduce false positives. The second, less obvious, is the search for new attack vectors, studying their variability. In this case, AI helps the vendor’s analytics team. Another application of deep learning is security policy profiling and analyzing user behavior to look for anomalies that indicate possible malicious activity. 


What Does WAF Protect Against

Companies can benefit from WAF to protect against the most common attacks, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. XSS attacks allow intruders to inject malicious scripts into a web page and gain access to sensitive user data. SQL injection attacks consist of hackers executing malicious SQL queries on your server that can be used to access data and cause severe damage. Fortunately, WAF can detect and block such attacks before the damage is done.Especially, Cloudbric WAF+ can protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In a DDoS attack, criminals send large volumes of traffic to a victim’s site to overwhelm its servers and take them offline. Here again, comes the help of WAF, which can detect and block such unwanted traffic.In addition to blocking malicious activity, business owners can take advantage of WAF to monitor user behavior. Depending on WAF’s capabilities, you can use it to identify suspicious activities, such as abnormal traffic levels or attempts to access restricted data. This information can help you to identify potential attacks before they can do irreparable damage to your business.


Can WAF Replace Other Security Measures

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WAF is not a substitute for other security measures, such as strong passwords and adequate authentication. However, it will be a practical addition to your website security strategy. By blocking threats before they can affect your site, a WAF will become a reliable security provider for your business.When implementing this tool, it’s essential to ensure that the configuration meets your site’s specific needs. It can include choosing the right level of protection, setting up rules to detect malicious activity, and monitoring to see suspicious activity. It is also vital to ensure that your WAF is appropriately maintained and updated, as new threats and attacks are constantly emerging.


How to Choose a Web Application Firewall

Security is always a unique metric for each company, so there are no uniform criteria for selecting a WAF. Instead, users evaluate the risks and significance of losing certain information or specific resources. Therefore, it is only necessary to have qualitative information about possible attack vectors before making a decision and be able to detect them promptly and prevent the incident. So when choosing the right WAF for your business, it is crucial to consider the following factors:

  • Quality of attack detection
  • Integration with other protection tools
  • Interface simplicity and flexibility of settings
  • Availability of a large number of described cases
  • Scalability
  • Use of deep learning technologies
  • The proportion of lost legitimate traffic


Looking for a Reliable WAF? Cloudbric WAF+ is the Best Solution

Suppose you are looking for a reliable tech tool to protect your business website. In that case, Cloudbric WAF+ will be best since it is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for protecting sites and web apps from cyber threats. What other benefits do you get? 

  • Automatic detection and protection against malicious activity. Cloudbric’s advanced IDS/IPS system, powered by artificial intelligence, provides continuous scanning and protection for your website, automatically blocking any suspicious activity or attack. Its threat database is compiled from 700,000 websites in 95 countries.
  • End-to-end encrypted traffic security. Cloudbric WAF+ encrypts all web traffic with a complimentary SSL certificate using the latest TLS protocol that complies with international security standards, protecting any online data transmitted through your site.
  • Bot control. Cloudbric’s proprietary logic engine has a Bot Control feature that blocks all malicious bots, including spyware, adware, spam bots, and malicious web crawlers.
  • Lightning-Fast Website Performance. Although Cloudbric WAF+ is a robust security solution, its performance is high-speed, keeping website load times lightning fast.
  • Cost-effective subscription plan. Affordable subscription plan for small businesses and large enterprises, allowing you to scale your service plans.
  • Round-the-clock support. If you need help with Cloudbric WAF+ or need to report a problem, experienced experts will help immediately
  • Customer support. The service is running a technical support channel for 365 days. Regarding immediate help and support, the experts take a measure when the problem occurs.


The Bottom Line

If, after reading this article, you are still thinking about whether you need WAF because you have never been attacked, you should be more determined. But unfortunately, there are cases when after starting to use WAF, many clients realize that they have already been hacked in the past. However, they find out about it too late. That is why it is better to be one step ahead and use WAF now.