[Weekly Security News] Ransomware Strikes Again: Law Firms and Government Agencies Targeted in Latest Wave of Cyberattacks

[Weekly Security News] Ransomware Strikes Again: Law Firms and Government Agencies Targeted in Latest Wave of Cyberattacks

[May 03, 2023]


1. Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth hit by Russian-linked ransomware attack

Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth has suffered a ransomware attack, with a group claiming to be linked to Russia demanding payment for the return of the company’s files. The attackers have stated that they have stolen around 200 gigabytes of data, including client information, financial data, and legal documents. The firm has stated that it is working with cybersecurity experts to address the situation and minimize the impact of the attack. The incident underscores the increasing threat of cyber attacks and the need for companies to adopt robust security measures to protect sensitive information.

Source : The Guardian


2. US Marshals Service still recovering from ransomware attack

The US Marshals Service has confirmed that it is still recovering from a ransomware attack that took place on April 30th. The agency has not provided any details about the extent of the damage caused by the attack, but it has stated that the incident did not impact its ability to carry out its mission. The US Marshals Service is working with other law enforcement agencies to investigate the attack and restore its systems. The agency has also stated that it has taken steps to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Source : Wyoming News Now


3. Leaked Files Show Extent of Ransomware Group’s Access to Western Digital Systems

Security researchers have discovered that the ransomware group “Cuba” had extensive access to Western Digital’s systems and networks before deploying ransomware in July 2020. The leaked files include confidential data, such as Western Digital’s network diagrams, server names, passwords, and employee credentials, which the ransomware operators could have used to conduct further attacks. The discovery highlights the significance of implementing robust cybersecurity measures to prevent unauthorized access and minimize the potential impact of a data breach.

Source : Security Week


Recently, multiple high-profile organizations have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, including the US Marshals Service, Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth, and Western Digital. These incidents underscore the increasing threat of ransomware and the need for companies and individuals to take proactive measures to protect sensitive data. The connection between ransomware and data breaches highlights the critical importance of safeguarding personal information in the face of cyber threats. It is crucial to prioritize cybersecurity and implement best practices to prevent and mitigate the impact of these attacks.

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