Top Web Security Misunderstandings by Small Businesses

Web security seems to be the buzzword in the news the past couple of years with stories of legendary hacks hitting companies like Target, Home Depot, J.P. Morgan, and Sony—just to name a few. However, because we always hear about these hacks happening to big and established companies, we often think that these kinds of attacks will never happen to us. After all, why would a hacker want to attack a small business when they can attack the Sony’s of the world? Unfortunately, although many people think that, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. And, there are even more misconceptions about web security.

So, here are small businesses’ top 3 misunderstandings about web security and protection.

1. I already have minimum web security.

A lot of people think that their Content Management System (i.e. WordPress, Godaddy, etc) offer website protection. However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. According to Security Week, WordPress is the most attacked Content Management System (CMS)—being hacked 24.1% more than other CMS systems.

CMS services are just created to publish and maintain your website—it isn’t created to protect it. So, just like a museum needs a security system to protect its priceless treasures, so does your website to protect all your precious data.

A closeup of a woman in blue light staring at blue binary code
Web protection doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


2. My business is too small to be attacked.

No website or business is too small to be attacked. In fact, according to Symantec, three out of five businesses hacked are small businesses. Hackers actually prefer to hack small businesses as they often have no web security, so their websites can be hacked in minutes. Also, small businesses have no way of fighting back. This way, they can hack dozens of websites in a few hours and probably never get caught.

3. It’s too troublesome and expensive to get web security.

You’re a busy person—you have to manage a business both online and offline. So, the last thing you want to do it figure out what the heck a SSL certificate is or what a DDoS attack is. Also, adding another expense to your costs doesn’t sound that appealing. However, just like going to the dentist, although you don’t want to do it, it’s something that is necessary to the health of your business.

But there is good news– web protection isn’t actually that hard to figure out or expensive.  Cloudbric is a cloud-based web app firewall (WAF) that blocks malicious web traffic coming to your website and is free to websites with less than 4 GB of monthly web traffic. We take care of all your web protection, so all you have to do is register your domain.

So, take control of your business and fight those misconceptions about web security! Because a cyber-attack can actually happen to anyone, so it’s better to protect yourself before it’s too late.