The Prevalence and Gravity of Web Threats

Red computer mouse scrolling over sheets of money on the internet
Banking on the internet can be risky

Many offline services fully transitioned to adopting an online presence as web use has grown exponentially. In today’s society, major services such as financial transactions and official certificate issuances now occur through the internet. The web is no longer a place of convenience, but rather an inseparable part of our lives.

The two key representative services occurring through the internet are search and financial services. The most common functions in the financial services sector are internet banking and mobile banking. According to the BBA, Britain’s online banking surged 40% in just four short years. This amounts to customers using internet banking roughly 7 billion times per year. This unprecedented embrace of the internet as a platform for currency transactions proves that everyday consumers are breaking down stigmas about the internet. More and more users are continuing to trust the internet as a place to execute some of their most important tasks, such as internet banking and taking care of bills.

However, as people grow more accustomed to using the internet as a daily part of their lives, web threats have also increased exponentially. The issue of cyber security is becoming a priority for most companies and everyday citizens. The Guardian is also reporting that most industry experts are predicting “major cyber attacks increasing” over the next decade and there really isn’t an end in sight.

The question now becomes, if you trust and love to use the internet to perform important everyday tasks, such as online banking, then wouldn’t you want to protect yourself from web threats? Your answer should be a resounding YES! Of course, you should be wanting and willing to protect you and your most valuable personal data. This is not something that should be overlook just because the internet is a convenient way to pay your online bills.

This is increasingly more important if you are also a heavy internet user or own a website. As we stated earlier, more and more businesses are transitioning to online services and with this comes more responsibility in the form of cyber security. It’s always important to secure your website, no matter how small.

So how about it? The internet has made our lives easier, but also infinitely more risky in terms of web threats that can harm our daily lives. Start taking control of your online footprint and learn more about internet protection