[Weekly Security News] The Cyber Threats in our daily lives

[Weekly Security News] The Cyber Threats in our daily lives

[December 06 2023]

1. Black Friday phishing emails up 237%

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are highlights in the cybercriminals’ schedule, leading to a spike in the number of related phishing attacks, which increased 237% versus the period between Sep to Oct. These emails include legitimate links to bypass link scanning detection in traditional email security technology.

Source : Infosecurity Magazine


2. Booking.com hackers increase attacks on customers

Hackers’ attacks on Booking.com customers are increasing. They trick hotel staff into downloading a malicious piece of S/W called Vidar Infostealer by pretending to be former guests who had left their passport in the room and automatically search the hotel computers for booking.com access to log into the site. Then they message customers from the official app and are able to trick people into paying money to them instead of the hotel.

Source : BBC


3. Cyber-attack closes hospital emergency rooms in three US states

A cyber-attack has shut down emergency rooms in at least three states. Affected hospital chains transferred patients in emergency rooms to other hospitals and hospital operators said the cyber-attack has affected computer programs that track patients’ healthcare records. The attacks were ransomware and these attacks that disrupt healthcare provider’s operations are becoming increasingly common.

Source : The Guardian


4. Ransomware attack causes outages at 60 credit unions, federal agency says

About 60 credit unions in the U.S. are experiencing outages due to ransomware attacks on an IT provider credit unions use. The attacks, in which cybercriminals typically lock computer systems as an extortion tactic, affected a unit of Trellance. This is just the latest case of how ransomware attacks have caused havoc for Critical infrastructure in recent years as well as hospital, fuel pipelines and school have also been disrupted by the file-locking cyberattacks.

Source : CNN


Cyberattacks including threats are around our daily lives even the special promotions in ecommerce. That is why we are in need of being aware of them to avoid it. If you are with cyber experts with their cyber security services, it would be nice to protect you.


A fully managed WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) service, Cloudbric WAF+, provides advanced protection against ever-growing web security threats such as malware, viruses, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. Using a logic-based detection engine and patented deep learning engine, Cloudbric WAF+ ensures maximum protection against emerging threats.

When it comes to the phishing URLs and malware, your devices will be safe with Cloudbric’s Cryptobric Secure Web Gateway technology, ensuring the security of your digital assets and information. Cryptobric provides comprehensive protection by scanning portable devices and blocking access to phishing URLs and malware.


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