[Weekly Security News] Cybersecurity requiring advance preparation

[Weekly Security News] Cybersecurity requiring advance preparation

[December 14 2023]

1. Data Breach at 23andMe Affects 6.9 Million Profiles, Company Says

Hackers gained access to 23andMe users’ data by using old passwords. The company has not learned of any reports of inappropriate use of the data after the leak but S.E.C disclosed that the hackers were initially able to breach about  14,000 profiles of 23andMe users accounts. The company has required all customers to change their current passwords and set up two-step verification, according to a statement on 23andMe’s website.

Source : The New York Times


2. ‘Thousands’ of sales still in limbo after cyber attack at CTS conveyancing platform

CTS, a conveyancing tech firm, had a cyber incident last week and it caused an outage. Even though the company continues to work around the clock with the assistance of third-party experts, many vendors have been affected. One leading lender, one of clients of the company, reported 600 property purchases stuck in limbo following the cyber attacks.

Source : The Negotiator


3. 2.5M patients infected with data loss in Norton Healthcare ransomware outbreak

Norton Healthcare, which runs 8 hospitals and more than 30 clinics in Kentucky and Indiana, informed 2.5million individuals that their personal information was compromised in a ransomware data extortion by the incident identified on May 9. The company takes the personal information of its patients and employees seriously and measures are being taken to further enhance its network security safeguards.

Source : The Register


Cybersecurity is one the most important tasks for which advance preparation is essential in that it affects not only me but the others, such as employees, customers, or business partners, as well.


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