Smartphone smishing prevention and SWG(Secure Web Gateway)

Smartphone smishing prevention and SWG(Secure Web Gateway)

Blog-content-SWGCan you imagine a life without your smartphone? From social media to messaging apps, and even the way we pay for things, smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. They can even serve as an identification tool for banking, work, and other purposes. It seems like everything revolves around our mobile devices.However, with so much important personal information stored on our smartphones, there are also risks associated with their use. As our reliance on these devices grows, so does the need for increased security and privacy measures.


Smishing crime

smishing crime_swgSmishing is a compound word of SMS and phishing, and refers to a method of stealing financial and personal information by sending a large number of text messages containing malicious app links to mobile phones, then inducing users to install the malicious app or make a call by accessing the URL in the message. 

👉 Examples and precautions of rapidly Increasing Smishing Incidents.

Smishing attacks have recently become more sophisticated, with attackers using remote control apps to infiltrate victims’ smartphones. Rather than relying solely on impersonating financial institutions to solicit deposits or transfers, attackers are now using these apps to induce victims to take out loans through their mobile devices. Clicking on malicious URLs in text messages, emails, or messenger apps can lead to the installation of these malicious apps or code, potentially exposing sensitive information or causing significant financial damage. To prevent these attacks, it is crucial to remain vigilant and take steps to protect your personal and financial data.


SWG(Secure Web Gateway)

SWG (Secure Web Gateway) is a security technology that safeguards user devices and web connectivity by blocking external attacks and shielding endpoint users from web-based threats, including malware and harmful sites.


These are major features of SWG.

👉 Network Security

👉 Malicious URL filtering

👉 Malware detection and blockage

👉 Prevent installing vicious hacking app or remote control app


Depending on the environment, SWG operates on software, physical hardware devices, or proxy servers, but its function remains the same. When a client sends requests to a website or application, it first passes through SWG, which acts as a gatekeeper for the device we use. All data entering the device must pass through SWG before being delivered to the user. 

SWG is a technology that analyzes web traffic for potential threats when the user clicks on a URL received through text messages, messenger apps, email, or other content. This analysis is critical because much of the network traffic on the Internet is encrypted for security reasons, including traffic related to malware or illegal data theft attempts.

By decrypting and analyzing web traffic, SWG can protect users from web-based threats by screening encrypted traffic, identifying dangerous or suspicious URLs, and blocking connections to prevent malicious data from accessing user devices.


Cryptobric – SWG implemented mobile security application

Cloudbric CryptobricCryptobric is a personal mobile security application that implements SWG technology to protect users from web-based threats on the Internet.By enabling SWG on Cryptobric, users can prevent access to threat information, such as phishing URLs contained in text messages, emails, and others. Cryptobric also provides free malware scanning and safety verification for crypto-related apps, helping users keep their devices safe from cyber threats.

📌Android version Download – Google Play Store
📌 iOS version Download – App Store
* SWG feature is only available on Android version for now

Users of Cryptobric can help improve online security by reporting threat information, such as hacker wallet addresses and phishing URLs, directly through the app. When a reported threat is verified by security professionals as authentic, users will receive a reward.To learn more about the reward system and how to report a threat, please visit the link below for additional details.👉 How to report threat information through Cryptobric

👉 Cryptobric reward system


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As fraudulent activities become more diverse and sophisticated, it’s important to protect your valuable personal information from web-based threats that can come through various channels, such as text messages and SNS messengers. These threats can include the impersonation of family members and acquaintances, as well as public institutions like the Prosecutor’s office and the National Police Agency. Other common scams involve package delivery, overseas payments, and low-interest loan offers.

Protect your valuable personal information with Cryptobric, a personal mobile security app that utilizes implemented SWG technology for malware detection and blocking of phishing and smishing attempts, safeguard your mobile security against diverse and sophisticated threats!