[Weekly Security News] Emerge of Bigger, Badder DDoS Botnet

[Weekly Security News] Emerge of Bigger, Badder DDoS Botnet

[March 22, 2023]


1. New ‘HinataBot’ botnet could launch massive 3.3 Tbps DDoS attacks

A new botnet called Hinatabot has been discovered that could potentially launch DDoS attacks of up to 33 Tbps. It targets IoT devices and is a variant of the Mirai botnet. Users and organizations are advised to take steps to secure their IoT devices to prevent potential disruptions to internet services.

Source : Bleeping Computer


2. KillNet Group Uses DDoS Attacks Against Azure-Based Healthcare Apps

A new DDoS botnet called Killnet is targeting healthcare applications and services using a variation of the Golang Worm. The attacks pose a significant threat to critical healthcare infrastructure, and increased security measures are recommended to protect against them. Healthcare organizations are also advised to ensure their disaster recovery and business continuity plans are up to date to minimize the impact of potential attacks.

Source : infosecurity Magazine


3. New ShellBot DDoS Malware Variants Targeting Poorly Managed Linux Servers

A new DDoS malware named Shellbot is attacking Linux-based servers and IoT devices using worm-like behavior, which enables it to spread quickly. It can perform various types of DDoS attacks and also has the capability of stealing sensitive information. The article stresses the importance of maintaining proper security practices, keeping systems updated with the latest patches and security protocols to prevent attacks.

Source : The Hacker News


To effectively protect against the recent emergence of DDoS threats such as the Hinatabot, Killnet, and Shellbot malware, organizations must implement a comprehensive DDoS protection strategy that includes preventive and reactive measures. This may involve the deployment of DDoS mitigation solutions, regular updates and patching of systems, enforcement of strong password policies, and monitoring of network activity. By prioritizing security measures and being vigilant against emerging threats, organizations can better protect their networks, systems, and critical infrastructure from the damaging effects of DDoS attacks.

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