Cloudbric for Enterprise

Powerful web application firewall protection that meets your business’s unique security needs

Cloudbric Web Application Firewall+ (WAF+) provides you with all the tools you need to secure your company’s web applications. Our cutting edge patented smart engine allows us to interpret and block only malicious incoming requests while allowing real traffic to access your sites with over 99% accuracy.

WAF+ from Cloudbric is a full-service, infra-agnostic solution that bundles SSL/TLS for all domains, DDoS protection and firewall management to reduce your current security spending while providing top-of-the-line protection for you and your business.

With clients from around the world, Cloudbric WAF+ continues to evolve and protect our clients from the latest cyber threats. Cloudbric WAF+ comes with an intuitive dashboard that enables enterprises to easily access required information in real-time and print reports when required.

Why enterprise need to protect their website?

– Enterprises have a massive sensitive data and personal information.
People often see news saying an enterprise got hacked and have not recoverable damage on company’s reputation.

The most important points when selecting WAF for enterprise

– Fully managed service
– No human resources are needed
– No need to have security experts

Enterprise’s favorite Cloudbric WAF+ feature

– The lowest false positive rate among WAF providers
– A.I + logic engine based WAF
– All-inclusive package including basic DDoS, SSL/TLS, Bot control, Malicious IPs

Fully Managed

Fully managed

Our responsive 24/7 Cloudbric team
manages your web security by localizing
to your location and industry and
reducing internal security costs.

Easy Implementation

Easy implementation

Impress your team by implementing
WAF+ in 10 minutes. It is as easy as
changing your DNS.

Security First

Security first

Maintain your business operations
and secure your customer data with
100% protection from top security
threats according to Wizlynx.

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