Cloudbric Use Case – API Utilization For Developing Your Own Security Product And More

In our last two use case examples, we focused on ways Cloudbric could provide protection against phishing scams and spam URLs. But that’s not all Cloudbric has to offer of course.

In pursuit of protecting every user’s blockchain experience, what are some other ways you can use Cloubric? As a developer, security vendor, or enterprise, the possible use cases for Cloudbric are endless.

Harnessing The Power of Blockchain

Cloudbric envisioned implementing blockchain technology into its project from the very beginning as it could solve some of the major problems Cloudbric saw with the existing cyber security paradigm. With blockchain implementation, Cloudbric saw opportunity for a shift.

To begin, privatization of cyber threat intelligence information and uncertainty of vendor performance from the numerous cybersecurity solutions in the current market make it difficult for the average user or even businesses to choose the most cost-effective one. For example, who could verify the solutions’ claims when threat data is not made public by these vendors?

By incorporating blockchain into our project, Cloudbric can decentralize this cyber threat information and make it open and accessible to the public. And that’s only the beginning. Cloudbric will also utilize decentralized cyber threat intelligence to allow any user to access the data in order to use it however they’d like through easy to access/use custom APIs.


One of Cloudbric’s main developments is a decentralized universal security platform. You may wondering, what exactly do we mean when we say “decentralized”?

For Cloudbric, decentralization will come in the form of user responsibility. During the initial service launch of the universal security platform, Cloudbric will set the minimum balance needed to begin using our services and continue using our service. Going forward, however,  the minimum account balance will be decided by the user community. On a quarterly basis, users will collectively decide on what this number will look like through voting systems, polls, and discussion boards.

Because Cloudbric’s Security Rewards Program will ensure to implement token governance, the goal here is to create a healthy value for the CLB token. Users will help maintain a balance of supply and demand so that more people will want to purchase CLB and thus be traded on exchanges sites freely.

The universal security platform will play a vital role in getting users to contribute to Cloudbric’s database. Because the universal security platform will only grow more sophisticated and intelligent the more people utilize it (with users feeding cyberattack logs into the machine to train and improve Cloudbric’s deep learning engine VISION), security developers are assured they are using high-quality and accurate data to create new and improved cybersecurity solutions or services.

Usage of APIs for Innovation

Decentralized cyber threat information will be accessible on Cloudbric Labs as interactive tools and resources. Developers, security vendors, and enterprises can utilize this data to develop their own proprietary cybersecurity solutions via custom APIs, thought the information can be used in other various ways that isn’t solely restricted to security product making. (Learn more about APIs and how they work here). 

This is one benchmark Cloudbric aimed to hit when it first formulated its ICO plans. By providing custom APIs, the goal is to spark innovation among security and developers to create their own solutions that will ultimately help out the cybersecurity community as a whole.

While Cloudbric’s token governance plays an important part in keeping the CLB token “healthy,” developers and potential security vendors do no have to partake in token governance since the APIs will be provided for free.

The following section depicts a use case example that describes how potential developers and security vendors may be able create their own cyber solution using Cloudbric’s threat intelligence via a custom API.

Use Case Example: Develop Your Own Security Product

Viking Technologies (VT), a tech startup based in Dalvik, Iceland, stumbled upon Cloudbric Labs and realized the potential and usefulness of the openly available threat data it would have in the development of their own security product, a real-time malware scanner.

Instead of having to collect data from the beginning, they will be able to tap into the world’s largest threat database for free and use it to build their own security product using a custom API.

However, they first must place their new security solution on Cloudbric’s native Secure Web Alliance marketplace. In this way, they can also receive donations in CLB tokens.

As times goes on, VT has created quite a name for themselves and are now looking to expand their business beyond the borders. They partner up with a hosting provider in the UK so that users outside Iceland can experience faster speeds.

Their UK partner also joins Cloudbric’s marketplace by listing their data center. Thankfully, the dedicated service fee can be paid with CLB. Users who want access to these fast servers may do so with CLB as well.

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