Cloudbric Shares Blockchain-based Cybersecurity Project Progress and Goals for 2019

It will take time for blockchain technology to create solutions that lead to mass adoption and answer market needs — though cybersecurity is a promising avenue within the blockchain space. As one of the few blockchain-based cybersecurity projects, Cloudbric looks to streamline the blockchain experience of everyday users by addressing one of the hurdles in its road to mass adoption: security.

In addition to the development of a decentralized universal security platform, comprised of enterprise-grade website, mobile device and crypto asset security, Cloudbric has taken steps to reduce the prevalence of cyberattacks through upcoming cyber initiatives with partners, addons to their existing web services, and new projects.

Cloudbric has partnered with diverse projects, firms, and exchanges in and out of Korea. For example, a partnership with ICE Protocol, a decentralized consumer data platform, was one of the first projects the company collaborated with to provide web security. The team also worked closely with blockchain-based insurance protocol, Insureum Protocol, for the development of cybersecurity insurance products.

Additionally, Cloudbric partnered with cybersecurity firm Hacken, which offers a decentralized bug bounty platform, to interchange knowledge and experience and reduce cybersecurity attacks. Another major partnership was with Klaytn, a blockchain platform developed through South Korea’s number one mobile-messaging service KakaoTalk’s blockchain affiliate, Ground X. After their mainnet opens, Cloudbric will soon be deployed as a potential DApp within the Klaytn blockchain platform to allow easy access to website security.

Cloudbric is also currently working with crypto exchanges to provide high level security to some of these players including BitForex, BitSonic, KDEX, and GDAC Exchange for both their platforms and websites and is working with wallet platforms like CoinUs and CoinManager to eventually provide wallet security. Cloudbric is supported by funds and investors Goldford VC, Zero Cap, and FoundationX, who share Cloudbric’s belief that leveraging blockchain technology can enhance and revolutionize the cybersecurity sector by introducing a way to decentralize cyber threat information.

“With the support of our strategic investors and community, we hope to not only accelerate the development of our security platform but also the adoption of blockchain technology for cybersecurity, an industry that we strongly believe can benefit from this innovation,” commented TJ, CEO of Cloudbric. He continued, “Rather than focusing on purely numbers, we truly believe that a successful blockchain project is one that focuses on creating a vibrant community. Our vision is to create a community that works together to promote the best cyber practices by sharing threat data and contributing to our security platform.”

Cloudbric has big plans for the latter half of the year including the integration of a secure cryptocurrency wallet and a crypto address hacker database that will be available through Cloudbric Labs via a sharing platform. Cloudbric is also expected to roll out their service console mobile application for managing and monitoring websites that are currently being protected by Cloudbric within this first quarter.

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