Cloudbric’s Tagline “Secure Your Blockchain Experience” Explained

secure your block experienceAs an established vendor with a working product, worldwide partners, and more than 20 years of information security experience and know-how, we have the capabilities to protect websites against some of the web’s most common cyberthreats — and with leading accuracy too.

Now, that focus has shifted slightly from soley protecting websites to offering cyber security protection for mobile/PC devices and cryptocurrency assets as well.

As a result, Cloudbric’s tagline has transitioned from Elite Full Service Website Security which spoke to the service side our company, to Secure Your Blockchain Experience, which is more directly correlated with our ICO project.

Growing Cybersecurity Concerns

Cyberattacks have only been intensified by the rise of digital assets like cryptocurrencies. In addition to our traditional online accounts being at risk, we have to worry about hackers manipulating exchanges sites or compromising our crypto wallets. This growing cybersecurity concern undermines more than just the average user but the blockchain space as a whole as well. This is why Cloudbric is aiming to revolutionize the cybersecurity sphere like never seen before. Whether it’s protecting global exchanges, securing crypto assets, or your wallet, Cloudbric’s mission is to protect users and businesses within the blockchain space.

Cloudbric’s Ultimate Goal

Cloudbric’s goal is to bring its cybersecurity services to the blockchain arena so that users and businesses alike can feel more confident in adopting blockchain technology.Blockchain has demonstrated high potential for not only transforming the daily operations for private businesses, governments, and so on but also for the individual user.Unfortunately, due to recent hackings, many are hesitant to use blockchain-based services, impending the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. While users may be reluctant to open up their own cryptocurrency wallets and interact with exchanges, Cloudbric aims to make the experience more secure and smooth to break this barrier. How will Cloudbric do this you may ask? First, Cloudbric aims to develop the world’s largest most comprehensive cyber threat database through incentivized contributions by the user community. As mentioned largely in Cloudbric’s whitepaper, security vendors privatize cyber threat data meaning they keep critical information like malicious IPs, spam URLs, malware infected files, and crypto fraud addresses to develop new solutions instead of making the information public.Cloudbric aims to decentralize this threat information so that it sparks innovation and widespread adoption of cybersecurity best practices from the community. Consequently, the widespread use of cybersecurity services, including cryptocurrency protection, means more confidence in incorporating blockchain into our daily lives and adaptation.

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