How To: Identify And Report Scammers on Cloudbric’s Official Telegram Group

scam alert telegram cloudbric

Cloudbric’s crowd sale is finally here! The most up to date information (including our wallet address) can be found on our pinned post on Telegram.

By now, it’s quite obvious that scammers are a major problem in the cryptocurrency field and consequently ICO projects. This means scammers are rampant in almost any ICO, not just Cloudbric.

Telegram has become a primary tool used by scammers in fooling users and ultimately stealing their money.

So, we’ve compiled some tips for you to follow so that you can stay safe during our sales.

Ignore direct messages from users claiming to be Cloudbric admins or Cloudbric team members

Token sale periods are peak times for scammers. Please note that Cloudbric admins will NEVER directly message you on Telegram. These scammers typically send private messages asking for payment or claim to be able to offer you extra bonuses. Cloudbric has maintained a strong policy against reaching out first on Telegram specifically for these security reasons. How can you tell which admins are the real deal? Look for the admin status. To do that, simply go to “View Group Info” (found in the settings option at the top right corner).As you can see below, those with admin status have a star by their name.cloudbric telegram scamSometimes scammers create fake profiles on Telegram and end up modifying usernames in hopes that it goes unnoticed by their victims. Double check for any discrepancies between the usernames of admin status users and possible scammers.



Check the pinned post on Telegram

A lot of useful information is compiled for easy-viewing on the pinned post! Typically, the most recent updates are included here. Only admins are able to pin posts. We do not have “Cloudbric ICO Support” or “Cloudbric ICO Announcement” or other support-like chat rooms at this time so please be weary of these scammy channels. The official and only Cloudbric Telegram chatroom is have been found to input hyperlinks or alternative wallet addresses into the official chatroom. DO NOT under any circumstance send any funds to any other wallet address that’s not announced in the pinned post.

Report scammers

If you happen to catch a scammer claiming to be a Cloudbric admin/member, reach out to anyone on Telegram with admin status or email us at with screenshots, usernames, and other information so that our team can ban these users.If you’re still unsure whether you’re in contact with a scammer, we recommend directly communicating with all the team members through the official chatroom.Thank you for all the support thus far!

To learn more about Cloudbric’s Reverse ICO you can find us on our official ICO websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. If you have any questions or would just like to talk to our team in real time come visit our Telegram channel!