Cloudbric Welcomes FoundationX As Latest Investor

We have exciting news for the Cloudbric community!

Cloudbric has just secured investment from FoundationX, one of Korea’s hottest blockchain accelerators.

FoundationX is the fourth company to invest in Cloudbric’s ICO project.

As you may know, FoundationX’s CEO Sungjae “Jay” Hwang previously joined our board of advisors. Now, FoundationX as a whole has joined the Cloudbric team as investors.

Founded in 2014 in Seoul, South Korea, FuturePlay has a wide portfolio of fiat money investments and has invested in 55 deep tech companies, one-third which are US-based startups.

With a desire to increase their engagement with the fast-growing blockchain ecosystem, the company created a subsidiary called FoundationX in 2018, and thus far have invested in several successful projects.

FoundationX is a special-purpose fund and accelerator that focuses on tokenized investment in blockchain-based startups.

Following Cloudbric’s ICO, FoundationX will assist with our token economy and more!

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