Cloudbric Reverse ICO: What You Need to Know

Cloudbric reverse ico decentralized security platform

[Cloudbric’s Decentralized Universal Security Platform]

The Cloudbric team is proud to announce that it will officially undergo a reverse ICO event! For more information regarding the ICO, such as the upcoming token sale event and whitepaper overview, please visit the Cloudbric ICO homepage. Additionally, you may reach out to the Cloudbric ICO team directly via the CLB Telegram Channel for any real time questions and support.

What is a Reverse ICO?

By now, many of you have heard of the term ‘ICO’ being thrown around quite a bit. ICO or Initial Coin Offering are crowdfunding events that allows a company to sell their respective cryptocurrency token prior to it hitting the open market or exchange. Organizations that host ICO events are typically new companies with concepts that sometimes lack fully functioning technologies or solutions.

However, a reverse ICO works in the opposite way. These sales events are usually reserved for companies that already have pre-existing solutions, customers, recurring revenue, etc., but are looking to utilize the power of the blockchain. Cloudbric hopes to enter this space by creating a new universal security platform and decentralizing cyber threat information across the blockchain.

Introducing the Universal Security Platform

Cloudbric’s Universal Security Platform Solutions

[Cloudbric’s Universal Security Platform Solutions]

As many of you know, Cloudbric is an award winning web application security vendor that offers an impressive array of website security features for free. However, Cloudbric will look to expand its current servicing capabilities through the development of a new universal security platform to help protect a wider range of users in need of security.

To get things started, the upgraded Cloudbric security platform will be comprised of three (3) main cybersecurity components: web security, mobile/PC device security, and security research tools. This provides users an opportunity to pick and choose multiple cybersecurity solutions that best fits their needs in an all-in-one security platform. By utilizing a unified platform with a diverse suite of security services, users will be able to enjoy a more streamlined experience and become part of the growing Cloudbric ecosystem.

Additionally, cyber attack information will be made accessible through the blockchain and will serve as a valuable resource for the security community. Malicious cyber threat data detected and filtered by Cloudbric will be provided to all users via interactive tools found on Cloudbric Labs. Public users will be able to access this information to help promote a more secure and trusted online society.

Revamped Security Technology

At the heart of the newly upgraded Cloudbric web security solution will be a self-developed artificial intelligence based deep learning engine. What this means for you is that Cloudbric will soon deploy one of the most accurate and advanced security technologies on the market. Increased performance and intelligence of the deep learning engine will also be bolstered by the very users that use the technology to protect their online data.

Without being too technical, AI based systems primarily gain knowledge and strength through the constant feeding of data into the AI detection engine itself. This allows the engine to learn and recognize certain patterns and behaviors on its own. Over time, AI systems can grow significantly in overall intelligence and accuracy.

Cloudbric’s planned integration of its in-house deep learning module will enable users who utilize its web security solutions to automatically feed anonymous cyber attack logs/data directly back into Cloudbric. This will help the deep learning engine better recognize cyber attack symptoms, patterns, behaviors, etc., which will ultimately provide increased security intelligence to all users. A true win-win situation for everyone!

Important Features to Know

CLB Token Ecosystem[Introducing the CLB Token Ecosystem]

One of the most exciting concepts of the reverse ICO is the introduction of Cloudbric’s cryptocurrency known as the CLB token/coin. Users that utilize any of Cloudbric’s security services or contribute to the Cloudbric Labs resource community will automatically receive free CLB distributions as part of the Cloudbric Security Rewards Program.

The primary purpose of this program is to motivate general users to fully embrace the widespread adoption of cybersecurity. For instance, if users sign up for Cloudbric’s web security servicing and wish to contribute to the growth of the deep learning security technology, then Cloudbric will provide free recurring CLB token distributions as a “thank you” for helping to improve the overall security community. Users who wish to utilize mobile/PC device protection services or contribute threat intelligence information towards Cloudbric Labs can also earn CLB token rewards.

The best part of free CLB token  distributions will be the utilization of these tokens. Cloudbric’s CLB tokens will look for official listing on several cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. Users can transfer their tokens to these applicable exchanges to turn their CLB to BTC, ETH, or other alternative cryptocurrencies available within the exchange. Likewise, users can utilize CLB tokens for exclusive discounts and offers provided by Cloudbric partners that are part of the Cloudbric Secure Web Alliance network.

Decentralization of Threat Information

Cyber Threat Information Decentralized[Cyber Threat Information Decentralized]

Recently, the promise of incorporating blockchain technology across various industries is all the rage. Many are now starting to see the massive market disrupting potential of decentralizing and verifying information on the blockchain. Cloudbric hopes to be part of this revolution and spearhead much needed change in the cybersecurity market.

There are several major issues present in the market today; however, one of the biggest and most visible problems is the privatization of cyber threat information. To be more specific, enterprise security providers collect large amounts of valuable threat information from their customers (i.e. recording of vulnerabilities, hacking patterns, malicious IPs, malware file recognition, etc.), but they choose to keep this information private for their own self gain. This enables enterprise vendors to continue profiting off of their customers through the development of new security products, software updates, or the sale of industry threat reports.

Cloudbric hopes to end the monopolization of threat data by enterprise security vendors and make this information open and accessible to all users. All threat intelligence information gathered by Cloudbric’s universal security platform will be recorded on the blockchain, so that this can ultimately become public information.

Cloudbric will also present this data in the form of interactive tools and resources that will be part of Cloudbric Labs. A beta version of Cloudbric Labs is already active and features three security resource tools (i.e. BlackIPedia, WAFER, and Threat Index) that are free to use. Cloudbric users will play an integral role in the overall expansion of Cloudbric Labs, as well as making cyber attack information available to the masses.

To learn more about Cloudbric’s Reverse ICO you can find us on our official ICO websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. If you have any questions or would just like to talk to our team in real time come visit our Telegram channel!

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