Cloudbric becomes a member of C-TAS and enhances ‘Threat DB’ performance

‘Cloudbric’, a Cloud security company, announced that they had upgraded the performance of its threat information
sharing platform ‘Threat DB’ as Cloudbric joined ‘C-TAS’, which is a cyber threat information analysis and sharing system
operated by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).



Threat information sharing, and constant updates are essential in order to respond to increasingly intelligent cyber-attacks.
In response, global companies such as Intel, Symantec, Fortinet, and Palo Alto are jointly forming the cyber threat alliance
‘CTA (Cyber Threat Alliance)’. In Korea, the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) has established a ‘C-TAS (Cyber Threats
Analysis System)’ system since 2015. KISA has been trying to prevent collateral damages and respond to intrusion attacks
early caused by the intelligence and advancement of cyber threats in cooperation with domestic and foreign company

Cloudbric’s ‘Threat DB’ is a cloud-based threat information sharing platform, which shares threat information collected from
Cloudbric security services that applied to 38,000 websites in 94 countries through edge location of 28 regions in 18
countries through blockchain through edge locations of 28 regions in 18 countries, threat information collected through its
cloud security services applied to 38,000 websites in 94 countries is shared through the blockchain. In addition, Cloudbric
will share the information that they collect for public purposes as Cloudbric became a member of C-TAS, while at the same
time Cloudbric has become to provide more enhanced security services, such as refining information collected from C-TAS
through its machine learning-based analysis system.

Cloudbric CEO, Jeong Tae-joon said, “Cybersecurity crisis that we are facing today has reached an extremely dangerous
state through global pandemic situations. In particular, the accumulation and analysis capability of threat information has
become the biggest virtue of security companies. We joined C-TAS as a member company in order to further enhance
our ability to respond to threats, and we will mobilize all our security capabilities for public safety with KISA”