Cloudbric, Selected as a Supplier for ‘Data Voucher Support Project’

Cloudbric is selected as the supplier of the ‘Data Voucher Support Project’ hosted by the Korea Data Agency (K-DATA).



Cloudbric provides data security services through this project. It provides the latest security information that is difficult to
acquire and improves data transparency and reliability through blockchain technology-based management.

The information collected through more than 600 security servers around the world is refined and processed with
Cloudbric’s own artificial intelligence (AI) technology for this project. It supports applying the latest security information to
the security policy of each company by providing a report optimized in accordance with the needs and circumstances of
the demanding companies.

CEO of Cloudbric, Tae-joon Jeong said, “According to the government’s Digital New Deal policy, the data market,
which will be the most important infrastructure for national digital transformation, is opened, and the data market will
inevitably expand.” and “As the data industry is a house of cards without data safety, we will process and provide the most
valuable information in the best form as a security company.”

The data voucher support project is to support various data services in the form of vouchers for small and medium-sized
companies and startups looking for opportunities to create new products and services through data utilization.
Representative companies in each field participate as supply companies to provide technology, and demand companies
accelerate digital transformation through the project.