Cloudbric, a partnership with ICS Compute, an Indonesian cloud SI Corporation

Cloudbric expects the synergies to expand business through the partnership with ICS Compute

Cloudbric (CEO, Taejoon Jung), a special cloud security provider, has agreed to a partnership dealing with all Cloudbric’s services with ICS compute, a cloud system integrator company, to expand its Asian Business on 16 Nov.

ICS Compute, a system integrator firm focusing on various innovations through cloud computing solutions, its professionalism was verified by partnering with several global Cloud-based enterprises, such as AWS Partner Network, Google Cloud, HUAWEI Cloud, DataStax, MongoDB, and so on. Also, it won the Rising Star of The Year Award 2020 for ASEAN and AWS Consulting Partner of The Year in Indonesia in 2021 respectively. They are also the first AWS local partner to achieve AWS Competency.

Cloudbric WAF+, one of the main corporate services of Cloudbric, is a cloud-based fully managed security solution providing five essential services for corporate web security; Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS Protection, Blocking Malicious IP, Bot Control, and SSL/TLS. It is well-known for its low false positive rate compared to others and a web firewall detection engine with the No. 1 market share in APEC.

Cloudbric recently launched Cloudbric WMS which is an intelligence-based security management service used in the Amazon Web Service (AWS). Since it creates and manages AWS WAF rulesets based on the Cloudbric WAF+ equipped with a logic-based intelligent detection engine, it has twice the detection rate compared to competitors.

Additionally, Cloudbric is expecting the expansion of its other services such as; Cloudbric ADDoS, an edge computing-based DDoS attack defense service that protects from DDoS attacks with a maximum capacity of 65Tbps from 50+ edge locations worldwide, Cloudbric CDN, a high-performance Content Delivery Network service with 60+ high-end edge locations deployed around the world, and Cloudbric RAS, a Remote Access Solution based on a zero-trust security model and is an alternative to enterprise VPN, that does not require any installation of hardware nor software.

Taejoon Jung said “We are delighted to introduce our solution that can improve the level of web security for Indonesian SMEs having difficulties in building web security through a partnership with ICS Compute.” and “We expect this partnership between ICS Compute having lots of business experiences of AWS and Cloud as well as Cloudbric with the professionalism of cloud-based business will lead to the growth of both companies.”