[Weekly Security News] ZTNA avoiding remote & unauthorized access risk

[Weekly Security News] ZTNA avoiding remote & unauthorized access risk

[December 20 2023]

1. MongoDB Suffers Security Breach, Exposing Customer Data

MongoDB, American database software company, detected anomalous activity(Dec 13) and is investigating a security incident caused by unauthorized access. The company has not identified any security vulnerability in any of its products as a result of this incident up to now and is continuing with its investigation and working with relevant authorities and forensic firms.

Source : The Hacker News


2. Ninety Percent of Energy Companies Suffer Supplier Data Breach

90% of the world’s 48 biggest energy companies have suffered a supply chain data breach in the past year, according to SecurityScorecard. All US and UK companies experienced a 4th-party breach in the same period and  264 breach incidents related to third-party compromises in the past 90 days alone.

Source : Infosecurity Magazine


3. Operationalizing zero trust: Three immediate opportunities for federal agencies

Zero Trust is driving the security conversation across both the public and private sectors and becomes a top priority as evidenced by the directives, mandates and policies within the government. To optimize Zero Trust, three key principles are needed : ‘consolidate security tools for operational efficiencies’, ‘use cloud and platform technologies as a strategic enabler’, and ‘Design with zero trust security and interoperability in mind”.



The concept of Zero Trust has been emphasized with the variety of data breaches incidents caused by the unauthorized access from Hackers. To avoid the damages, how about using ZTNA solutions.

Cloudbric PAS is an agent-based ZTNA solution that incorporates Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology. It ensures secure access to private resources within your network, granting access only to authorized users while minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Cloudbric RAS is an agentless ZTNA solution that provides an easy and convenient implementation. It offers secure remote access, allowing authorized users to connect to critical resources securely from any location.

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