[Weekly Security News] Reckless cyberattacks and related report

[Weekly Security News] Reckless cyberattacks and related report

[January 24 2024]

1. Web Application Firewall Software Market Data and In-depth Analysis to 2030 |Amazon Web Services, Cloudbric, Cloudflare, Akamai, Trustwave Holdings

Stats N Data published a comprehensive market analysis report on Web Application Firewall Software Market. The report deals with essential questions that industry players and investors want to address. Some of major companies and their services influencing the WAF markets war mentioned including Cloudbric.

Source : Future of Media


2. Cyberattack disrupts Kansas State University

The cyber attack at Kansas State University is causing problems for the school and its students. Certain network systems including VPN, some emails, and videos are not available due to the disruption. Some classes requiring online videos have set back. The university has engaged 3rd-party IT forensic experts to assist the university in the ongoing investigation efforts.

Source : KSN


3. Vans, Supreme, North Face Parent Hacked: Data of 35 Million Customer Exposed

VF, a globally renowned  parent company of iconic fashion brands such as Vans, Supreme, and The North Face, announced a compromise of personal data belonging to approximately 35.5 million customers. This incident occurred last December and it raises concerns about the security of customer information for the fashion giant. The ransomware group ALPHV (also known as Black Cat ransomware) claimed responsibility for this incident.

Source : The Cyber Express


Because anyone could become a victim of a cyberattack, even the students as well, many cyber experts study and analyze to prevent the cyber incidents. There is a related report dealing with the Web Application Firewall Software Market including Cloudbric.

A fully managed WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) service, Cloudbric WAF+, provides advanced protection against ever-growing web security threats such as malware, viruses, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. Using a logic-based detection engine and patented deep learning engine, Cloudbric WAF+ ensures maximum protection against emerging threats.

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