[Weekly Security News] JCOPE was targeted by a cyberattack, resulting in the website being taken offline

June 3, 2022

1. JCOPE was targeted by a cyberattack, resulting in the website being taken offline

JCOPE, New York’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics, has recently announced that the system was temporarily shut down due to a malicious cyberattack on their website. The hackers improperly accessed files containing letters, email/username, and passwords for the JCOPE Legacy FDS systems.The company said they will monitor the situation and remain offline until the systems can be brought back safely. JCOPE also urged users to change their passwords immediately for any other sites where the same password may have been reused.

Source: CBS News, News10


2. JBS Foods, the world’s largest meat processor, warns of cyber hacking risks in the food and beverage sector

JBS Foods, which was attacked by Russian-based hackers last year, had its company’s global operations suspended for several days, including several Australian abattoirs, following the cyberattack. A company representative highlighted the industry vulnerabilities to cyberattacks in Australia’s food and beverage sector and noted the need to strengthen cybersecurity obligations nationwide.

Source: ABC News


 3. The reason why small businesses need cybersecurity

Small business owners are not prepared for future cyber attacks on them. According to a recent survey, only 55% of small business owners report that cyber attack is the greatest risk to their companies. Despite repeated warnings, small businesses are not aware of the risk of cyber attacks. This general lack of interest could pose a major threat in the future, and many hackers are targeting small businesses.

Source: National Law Review


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