[Weekly Security News] Increasing Cyber Attacks in India

August 19, 2022

1. Increasing Cyber Attacks in India

In recent months, about 2,000 websites in India have been hacked. The cyberattack is politically related and appears to be retaliation by Indonesian and Malaysian Islamist groups, and the purpose for this attacks is to violate the network and leak sensitive data.

Source: The Economic Times


2. Cryptocurrency Exchange company Currency.com experiences another DDoS attack

According to British authorities, they are currently investigating ongoing DDoS attacks targeting the cryptocurrency exchange Currency.Com Global LLC. “DDoS attacks have been frequent in the last three months”, the founder of the company  said. British authorities have speculated that they may be a Russian-led attack although it is not known who is behind them.

Source: Silicon Angle


3. Small Businesses at Risk from Cyberattacks

According to the article, about 48% of companies experienced cyberattacks as of last year, and existing numbers have increased significantly. This article suggests a few things to improve security. It is said that Companies need to evaluate their own business if they are under cyberthreats. All businesses that have any digital component are at risk from hackers and cyberattacks.

Source: SocPub

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