[Weekly Security News] Survey reveals that 25% of Gambling sites hit by DDoS

August 26, 2022

1. Survey reveals that 25% of Gambling sites hit by DDoS

According to a new report from a security company, 40 percent of gambling sites have been hit by cyberattacks in the past year, and a majority of gambling sites have been affected by DDoS attacks several times in the past two months.

The article said that for gambling companies, an hour of downtime can be the same as a significant loss of revenue, and companies need to prepare for DDoS protection.

Source: Info Security, VERDICT


2. DDoS attacks against Estonian public authorities and businesses 

According to the Estonian government’s SNS social media, Estonia has recently been hit by the most extensive cyberattacks since 2007. According to Tammer, head of Estonia’s accident response department, several websites have recently been targeted, and all services have worked, but only web pages have been affected.

This article insists that Eastern European governments should strengthen vigilance and have the strongest cyber defense system at this time.

Source: Info Security


3. Types of cyberattacks and how to prevent them

Types of cyberattacks and how to prevent them

The article explains that winning the battle against cybercrime requires understanding how companies are attacked. Today, cybercrime is not just an amateur hacker, but a professional criminal trying to steal national information.

Cybercrime can result in loss of business productivity, as well as loss of trust and reputation. This article focuses on the risks of SMBs as they don’t use appropriate cybersecurity measures, citing types of cyberattacks.

Source: Search Security

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